Great start to Beginners Course

Off the starting blocks as SRC’s Beginners Course Begins

The drop in temperature did not deter the new recruits joining Sidmouth Running Club’s beginner’s course on Wednesday. Course leader Terry Bewes soon had them warming up in the sports hall at St John’s School ready to take to the streets in their first group run.

Beginners Group

Running and chatting comfortably throughout they took on the challenge to run the final section of hill back to the school in their stride and were surprised but delighted to learn that they had run 2.5 miles. A fantastic start which will be built on over the length of the course.


The Beginners Are Progressing Quickly

The Beginners Are Progressing Quickly
   Having completed their three mile, non-stop run last Wednesday evening (9th January), Jane Stein, Nikki Gosney and Lee-Ann Thomas all received their 3 mile certificates from Head Coach Tim Mitchell. They had no idea of the events that would unfold in the evening that lay ahead writes Hamish Spence.
   The three ladies ran with the beginners group to give moral support to the five other group members that were taking on the non-stop 3 mile challenge.
As the group headed along Livonia Road, one of the ‘challengers’ became unwell. So, with some quick thinking and without anyone stopping, Nikki made the very helpful call to lead the others in the group on around the route. This enabled another five more members of the Beginners Group to complete the non-stop three mile course, while Jane, Lee-Ann and Terry looked after the casualty.
Happily, it all turned out well and Terry said a sincere thanks to our three new members who absolutely embody our ethos at SRC. Without their quick thinking, the evenings attempt would have been thwarted.


The Start Of The Beginners And Improvers Courses
 On Wednesday night (9th January), Sidmouth Running Club welcomed in, a whopping 55 new members with 42 joining the beginners group and 13 joining the improvers group. An inspiring  speech was given by Chairman Terry Bewes in-which he spoke words of wisdom (something of which he has much), along with words of encouragement (something of which he has even more). There was a brief guide as to what to expect from the club and then group photos were taken.
  The Beginners group was led by Colin Flood and Claire Ashby with assistance from (myself) Hamish Spence. The group set off along the seafront, fast walking the distance of the first two lamp posts and then jogging the distance of the next two. This was repeated all the way to the Manor Road car park. In the car park the group was introduced to an official warm up session and then off again, run walking through the town via the cinema and the Toll House back to Port Royal. Run leader Colin introduced the concept of looping back and this group really took to it. Once all were back the group did three different static stretches.
   Leading the Improvers group was Head Coach Tim Mitchell with Paul Mitchell. Tim started with a brief about running, how to get back into it and what to be careful about. He explained that the aim of this course, was to help those returning to this sport to get back into a regular run and for all to progress with their running abilities. After the brief the group had a steady run along the sea front, into Manor Road, then up the Bickwell Valley, down Knowle Drive and back to the club.

New Year Courses

New Year Courses Off to a Good Start at Sidmouth Running Club

Sidmouth Running Club members have welcomed over 50 new recruits to the 2018 New Year Beginners and Improvers Courses. Enrolment and a warm welcome from the club Chairman, Terry Bewes, took place on the first two Wednesday club nights of 2018 and the new groups were soon up and running with experienced Run Leaders to help them along the way.

Helen Palmer and Colin Flood guided the beginners through a run/walk combination around town which soon put nervous starters at ease. Clare Partridge who lives in Exeter and is moving to Sidmouth shortly, joined the course to increase fitness, but also to meet some new people. ‘Before my first week in the beginners group, I was a little apprehensive about being able to keep up with the group. My fears were unfounded as, right from the start I was made to feel very welcome and the coaches put my mind at rest by explaining the course and its aims. The first two weeks have been great, the running has been fun, I’ve met some nice people and I’ve even started to do some extra runs at weekends’.

Another beginner, Kath Giles, agrees and has had her appetite whetted. ‘So far I’m loving it! They are a great friendly bunch, and the leaders are positive positive positive!  I’d love to run a proper race (to get a medal) and get up the side of Salcombe Hill in the summer. Watch this space….’. Harri Pollard, mum of 2, moved to Sidmouth in 2016 after many years overseas. This is her second go at the Beginners course as last year, she reflects, ‘life just kept getting in the way’. This year she is determined to make it a priority. ‘I think I might actually really like running and the first few weeks have been reasonably easy. The run leaders definitely ease you in gently – I love the idea of running a little, walking a little, it makes that first bit of exercise after being very sedentary much easier to manage – I only ached a little bit after the first few sessions!’

New for 2018, the Improvers course is led by Tim Mitchell, who has been impressed by the enthusiasm of the new group. ‘We have quite a range of abilities’ said Tim, ‘but we always ensure that faster runners loop back at check points so that everyone gets to run at their own pace’. Rachel Searle, 19, was given the course as a Christmas present by her Godmother. ‘I wanted to join to improve my general fitness but I was worried that I would feel embarrassed. I’ve been to 2 sessions now and I am really happy running with the improvers group. There are a big range of people with different abilities and the run leaders know how to include everyone while keeping the group challenging. I look forward to getting to know the other runners throughout the course’.

Emma Grainger, 64, from Ottery claims not to like running and says she is ‘past her best’ but nonetheless runs regularly with friends, enters a couple of races every year and thinks a regular course will help with training. With several veteran Club members achieving Personal Bests last year, she may yet surprise herself!

Run Yourself Fit

Run Yourself Fit

Sidmouth Running Club will once again be offering its popular New Year Beginners course in 2018.

The course, which promises to be a gentle eight week programme for anyone who has never run before but wants have a go, will start on Wednesday 3rd January at 7pm at Sidmouth Sailing Club. Experienced coaches and run leaders provide a friendly, relaxed and supportive atmosphere which takes beginners groups through a programme that starts with a mixture of running and walking and aims to have everyone comfortably running 3 miles by the end of the course.

In 2017 over 40 enthusiastic but nervous beginners set out on their journey to running fitness. ‘It was a fantastic take up of our invitation to Beginners’ said Club Chairman Terry Bewes, ‘and we had an incredible response by club members and run leaders who were so pleased to welcome new people along’. Because the club has invested in training programmes for coaches and run leaders there are plenty of able male and female leaders keen to provide help under the guidance of Head Coach Tim Mitchell.

Many of the 2017 Beginners went on to further challenges during the year. Lara Millmow and her daughter completed the course and then, bitten by the running bug, completed 5k Park Runs in July and September. ‘There couldn’t have been a better way to improve my fitness and health and it was just what I needed after the Christmas season’ said Lara. ‘I didn’t think I was a runner but it’s part of my life now. One of the things I like most about the Club is that we have all ages and abilities’. Julia Haddrell hadn’t run since her school days but found running with others made it easy. ‘I have lost lots of weight, feel fantastic and have completed nearly 30 park runs this year. I inspired my daughter to run and celebrated being 60 by doing a 5k in just over 30 minutes!’ David Skinner joined the Club at 70 and has found the social running and friendly hints and tips invaluable to his improving fitness. He was delighted to achieve his 5k target time just before Christmas.

Also on offer for 2018 will be an Improvers Course. Following an eight week programme, this course is aimed at anyone who has run before but needs an incentive to get going again, or solo runners who would like to progress with a group. ‘We are a very friendly club and it’s amazing how quickly the miles are covered if you’re chatting’ said run leader Claire Ashby. ‘And the great thing about running in a group is that everyone knows a different route so as well as Club nights around town we cover a huge variety of trails in this beautiful countryside’. The Improvers Course also starts on Wednesday 3rd January at 7pm, at Sidmouth Sailing Club.

Both courses cost £20 which includes Club membership for 2018. Anyone who is interested in finding out more is invited to contact Terry Bewes on 07734 581782 or via email More information on the club can be found at or on our facebook page.

Beginner’s Course

SIDMOUTH Running Club Beginners Course

What can only be described as an amazing induction into the Mighty Green army took place last week when we were overwhelmed by the numbers signing up to the beginners course. We had anticipated around 15 people but ended up with 34 signing up on the night with several more saying they couldn’t make the first week but would be there on the second. There was a wide range of age groups too, ranging from teenagers to a gentleman in his seventies.

The new recruits have taken their first and hardest step by turning up to start an eight week programme to not only improve their fitness and health but have some fun and enjoyment on the journey.

The bar has been set high for them by last year’s beginners who by July got to the top of High Peak and in December completed their first 10K competing in the Reindeer Run. But I can see they are all up for the challenge and our leaders are there to help and encourage them all the way.