Mighty Green Gallery


Mighty Green on Holiday Emma Grainger in Biarritz, France. (Visited 23 times, 23 visits today)


Mighty Green on Holiday John in Liverpool with wings outside the Liver Building. (Visited 9 times, 9 visits today)

Lands End

Mighty Green on Holiday Antony at Lands End. (Visited 23 times, 23 visits today)

C’an Picafort, Majorca

Jason and Tristan Chipps at C’an Picafort, Majorca at 7am just off for a 2 mile run. (Visited 39 times, 39 visits today)

Naomi and Toby at Lake Lugano, Italy

Mighty Green on holiday. Naomi and Toby at Lake Lugano, Italy. (Visited 19 times, 19 visits today)

Is it a bird, is it a plane, no its a Mighty Green

Tony Velterop, The Flying Dutchman celebrating his 70th birthday dropping from 15,000 feet.   Spotted at 15,000 feet, high in the skies above East Devon on an ordinary summer’s afternoon was a strange green flash writes Hamish Spence. Questions are being asked as to what it could have been on the afternoon of the 31st […]

A Mighty Green Time At Glastonbury.

  Paul and Julie Mitchell are volunteers for WaterAid who provide volunteers for the Glastonbury Festival. Glastonbury then make a donation to WaterAid for services provided. We worked 24hrs in shifts giving out water during temperatures approaching 28 C. WaterAid provided about 650 volunteers this year. Whilst manning the water station, Paul asked around to see who […]

Alexa in Llandudno

Alexa Baker in Llandudno. It’s a long way to run around the bay at 7.30 am (Visited 35 times, 35 visits today)

Glastonbury 5k

Paul Mitchell at Glastonbury with the Proclaimers singing 500 miles in the background before setting off with around 100 others for a 5k run around the site. (Visited 21 times, 21 visits today)

San Fransisco Park run

Sue Collman represented the mighty Green at the San Francisco Parkrun. Well done! (Visited 27 times, 27 visits today)

Lanzarote Wine Run

Tim Swarbrick represented the Mighty Green at the Lanzarote Wine Run. (Visited 27 times, 27 visits today)

Mighty Green Bert D. in Locarno

Mighty Green Bert was in Locarno, Switzerland. (Visited 21 times, 21 visits today)

Derek in Australia

Derek Blackburn represented the Mighty Green at the Coburg Parkrun in Melbourne, Australia. Well done, Derek! (Visited 7 times, 7 visits today)

Alan Kay in Santorini

Alan Kay took his mighty green t-shirt to Santorini,Kamari (Visited 5 times, 5 visits today)

New PB for Derek Blackburn in Australia

Derek Blackburn managed to set a new PB of 25mins 48secs at the Parkville Parkrun, Australia. (Visited 19 times, 19 visits today)

Nick Dicks on Mount Vesuvius

Nick is representing the Mighty Green on Mount Vesuvius. (Visited 39 times, 39 visits today)

Sydney Park Run

Derek Blackburn St. Peter’s Park Run, Sydney, Australia. (Visited 30 times, 30 visits today)


Derek Blackburn, Down Under, taking part in a Park Run in Melbourne. (Visited 19 times, 19 visits today)

Parkrun #100

A Tale Of One Hundred Park Runs    A massive well done and round of applause for David Skinner, who on Saturday the 16th of March, returned to his local and favourite venue Killerton Park to do a landmark Parkrun. He turned up suitably attired in SRC colours with some extras for good measure and completed […]

Haldon Forest

David Skinner at Haldon Hill David Skinner tried a different parkrun today, an undulating route in Haldon Forest. He passed through the finish in 136/168 in 34m36s. He said “You get lulled into a false sense of security by the gentle start and then the narrow steep climb hits you! On the second lap you […]

Magnificent 7

Week 5 into the Beginners Course and the Magnificent 7 complete the 3 mile test run. This was a great team run, keeping together, helping and encouraging each other, all at a steady pace of 11 minute a mile. That is until they got to the Esplanade for the final run to the flagpole when […]


Mighty Green on holiday: Catherine Hilton in Myanmar. (Visited 33 times, 33 visits today)


Mighty Green on Holiday Claire and Tim top of the Sky Tower, Auckland, New Zealand. (Visited 23 times, 23 visits today)

Hafjell, Norway

First entry of the year for the Mighty Green on holiday award 2019. Simon Stokes in Hafjell, Norway. (Visited 49 times, 49 visits today)

Atacama Desert

Mighty Green on Holiday Karen Farnham and David Millen in the Atacama Desert, Chile. (Visited 35 times, 28 visits today)

Taunton Parkrun

David Skinner at the Longrun Meadow Parkrun, Taunton. That’s the L sorted for David’s project to complete the A-Z of Parkruns. (Visited 86 times, 77 visits today)

Lake Como, Italy

Alexa Baker running up part of a mountain at Lake Como, Italy. (Visited 46 times, 39 visits today)


Helen in Lanzarote (Visited 25 times, 17 visits today)


Jane Hemsworth at Lake Bled, Slovenia. (Visited 20 times, 12 visits today)

The Azores

Deb and Don in the Azores. (Visited 41 times, 29 visits today)


Kerry in the Black Forest. (Visited 15 times, 8 visits today)


Sally and Toby de Gruchy in Jersey (Visited 14 times, 9 visits today)


John Sharples at the Seaton Parkrun. (Visited 32 times, 29 visits today)


Killerton Parkrun with Paula, Bert and his sister Freddie visiting from the Netherlands. (Visited 17 times, 12 visits today)


Kerry in Innsbruck, Austria sporting the Mighty Green. (Visited 14 times, 12 visits today)


David Skinner in Inverness continuing the A-Z Parkrun project. (Visited 26 times, 21 visits today)


Naomi in Gozo,Malta (Visited 14 times, 11 visits today)


Kerry in Pussan de Montbazin, France (Visited 12 times, 6 visits today)


Kath Miller in 43 degree heat at Fonte Da Telha Aroeira Beach, Portugal (Visited 13 times, 7 visits today)


Paula Farrand staying in a very cool hotel in Stockholm with its own running club. Very hot, humid early morning run to start the day with 5 different nationalities running together. (Visited 27 times, 23 visits today)


A 2.1 degree in law was no problem for this Mighty Green student. Congratulations Suzi Rockey. (Visited 26 times, 24 visits today)


Julia Haddrell at the Bedford park run. 32:29 in very hot conditions (Visited 18 times, 14 visits today)


Adrian Clode cruising the Seychelles. (Visited 31 times, 25 visits today)


David Skinner at the Age UK Exeter 80’s Retro 10k. Finished in 1:06:38 came in 302 out of 444. Race 17/06/18. (Visited 29 times, 25 visits today)


Tim Swarbrick at the Lanzarote Wine run. 12.7k (7.7 miles) finished in 1:10:10 171st out of 491. Very pleased with result. Race 17/06/2018 (Visited 40 times, 39 visits today)


Tony at the Olympic Stadium in Stockholm. “I know it’s not the other side of the world but I have showed off the Mighty Green in Stockholm while watching the marathon in 28 degrees. It was very hot for the runners. Lots of questions from spectators, `Where is Sidmouth?’”. (Visited 20 times, 14 visits today)


David Chipping at the Taunton Marathon (Visited 23 times, 13 visits today)

Dobbiaco, Italy

First sighting of the new Mighty Green vest in action. Catherine Hilton cross country skiing, Dobbiaco, Italy. (Visited 18 times, 15 visits today)


Danny at the Snowdonia Marathon (Visited 17 times, 9 visits today)


Don in Sardinia (Visited 18 times, 16 visits today)


Paula Farrand in Torremolinos, Spain (Visited 19 times, 15 visits today)


David Hedges on the Athabasca Glacier in Canada (Visited 20 times, 18 visits today)


Terry on holiday in Tenerife. (Visited 16 times, 9 visits today)


Steve Saunders at the Houston Space City 10 miles (Visited 12 times, 10 visits today)


Julia in Guadamar del Segura (Visited 20 times, 14 visits today)


Deb and Don with Mt Etna, Sicily (Visited 11 times, 6 visits today)


Paul Wright on the Eggishorn, Switzerland (Visited 35 times, 31 visits today)


Danny Painter on Glyder Fach (Visited 18 times, 16 visits today)


Sarah Watkins at Machu Pichu (Visited 11 times, 7 visits today)

Lake Geneva

Lara Millmow in and around Lake Geneva (Visited 8 times, 7 visits today)

Niagara Falls

Tim Clay at Niagara Falls (Visited 13 times, 7 visits today)


Nigel wearing the Might Green on his honeymoon (Visited 8 times, 6 visits today)


Anna Read in Corsica (Visited 6 times, 6 visits today)


Suzi in the water off Kos (Visited 13 times, 10 visits today)


Tony and the Roosendaal Windmill (Visited 7 times, 7 visits today)

South Africa

Charles Keen at Cape Peninsula, South Africa (Visited 4 times, 2 visits today)


Hamish on top of Arthur’s Seat (Visited 7 times, 7 visits today)


Deb and Don in a Tea Plantation (Visited 9 times, 7 visits today)

Mt Kilimanjaro

Joe on top of Kilimanjaro 5895m (Visited 5 times, 5 visits today)


Ellie on Rottnest Island, Perth and up Mount Lofty, Adelaide (Visited 11 times, 5 visits today)


John Keast in Bali   (Visited 51 times, 46 visits today)


Nigel in Buongiorno after a morning run (Visited 17 times, 10 visits today)


Jane in Benodet, France (Visited 8 times, 5 visits today)


Debbie on top of Snowdon (Visited 13 times, 11 visits today)


Nigel at the Colosseum (Visited 6 times, 1 visits today)


Nigel at the Trevi Fountain (Visited 10 times, 4 visits today)


Anthony in Cornwall (Visited 5 times, 2 visits today)


Ameila in Polzeath (Visited 8 times, 8 visits today)


Danny on top of Eve, Tryfan. (Visited 4 times, 3 visits today)


Tony, gone fishing, in County Mayo (Visited 8 times, 5 visits today)


Monika on the island of Lefkada. (Visited 8 times, 6 visits today)


Ian running up and down Snowdon. (Visited 9 times, 5 visits today)

Off to the US

Mohammed Bousaleh taking our shirt to New Orleans. (Visited 16 times, 11 visits today)


Amelia in Assos, Kefalonia (Visited 5 times, 3 visits today)


Deb and Don in Balsall, Portugal (Visited 6 times, 4 visits today)


Jane in Pula, Croatia (Visited 14 times, 10 visits today)


Fiona at Silverstone (Visited 8 times, 6 visits today)


Colin flies the Mighty Green in the Baltic (Visited 8 times, 6 visits today)


Colin Flood in Chagford (Visited 23 times, 20 visits today)


Emma Compton in Spain (Visited 6 times, 4 visits today)


Don Cawthera on top of the Diamond, Connemara (Visited 4 times, 4 visits today)


Rocker Sheppard in Rhodes (Visited 3 times, 2 visits today)


Joe Kent in Morocco (Visited 9 times, 6 visits today)


Sarah Mallet in Tokyo (Visited 6 times, 6 visits today)


Hamish Spence in the North West Highlands of Scotland (Visited 9 times, 4 visits today)


David Wright in Hanoi, Vietnam (Visited 13 times, 13 visits today)

Leamington Spa

Rocker Sheppard at the Wolf Run in Leamington Spa (Visited 6 times, 5 visits today)


Danny Painter in Gibraltar (Visited 112 times, 95 visits today)


John Doherty at the John West 10k Liverpool (Visited 12 times, 7 visits today)

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