Parkrun Roundup

Park Run Round-up
   Back in January this year, Jessica Daer signed up to the 2019 beginner programme, but hasn’t been running with the club since the programme ended. She found that the runs were getting a bit quick for her in her pregnant state. However, she did continue to take part in the Park Run events until she was 30 weeks pregnant. Today, her baby got to the 7 weeks of age point, so it was time. Out came the running shoes for the first time in a few months, an eviction order was given to the moths who had taken up residence in her running kit and off to Exmouth she went.
   Wearing her Mighty Green shirt with pride, a start-to-finish, slightly slower than normal, but non-stop Exmouth Park Run was completed. On completion, Jessica remarked that “Its thanks to the Sidmouth Running Club and the beginners programme, which really helped keep me fit and healthy throughout the pregnancy,” adding that, “Once I can keep up with you lot again, I’ll be back”! …we have been warned and look forward to seeing her again soon.
   Meanwhile, David Skinner continues his Welsh tour picking a pancake flat route in Pond y Bala
and The Farnham Sisters, Ann Cole and a yellow clad Emma Grainger hit the track around  Killerton Park.
Sun, sand, stones and sea seekers at Seaton Park Run included Alexa Baker, Dee Lawrence and Sarah Powell. They all found the stones and enjoyed the sun, no one had a swim and the sand alluded them!