Mudnificent Seven Obstacle Race

The Mudnificent Seven Obstacle Course Race

On Saturday the 17th of August, Adrian Horne took part in The Mudnificent Seven Obstacle Course Race, a physically exhausting multi terrain race with natural and man made obstacles to navigate. Seven different obstacle course race organisers had set up an obstacle zone each over the whole route. There were in and out of water areas, carrying sand bags and logs, water slides, big A frame climbs, monkey bars, lots of cargo nets to get under and finally jumping a fire pit at the end.

Adrian ran as part of an obstacle course team called The Sons of Mudarchy, one of the largest obstacle course teams, with about 200 members in total, they raise a-lot of money for many different charities. The Sons of Mudarchy had their own team waive start time, with about 80 members running in this event. Adrian finished the event soaked and caked in mud, exhausted, but jubilant, in a time of 3h00m07s with an extremely tiring average running speed of 33:22min/miles.