Sunday Training

Sunday Training Sessions

There were three training groups on Sunday. Terry Bewes took the the two social 6 and 9 milers while Tim Mitchell led the 9 mile express group, Justin and Richard, so if you blinked, they were gone!

The 9 milers met at Newton Poppleford and ran upstream to Tipton St John where they met up with Julia Hadrell and Jo Earlam (who were the 6 mile group). All the groups carried on up along the river to Ottery St Mary, through the town and across Sidmouth Rd. Then they all crossed fields and went along the lanes all the way to Fire Beacon Lane. At this point the 6 milers headed back down to Tipton St John and the 9 mile group carried on until reaching the donkey field, they headed down through the field into Harpford woods back to Newton Pop. Joining in were two guest runners from North Devon, Vicky and Nick, standing on the right side in the photo. Vicky, having recently run a staggering 120 miles in under 24 hours spent the whole 9 miles deep in conversation with Debbie Marriott while Don Cawthera looked after the dog.