Park Run Roundup

Autumn Park Run Round Up

   Steve Saunders enjoyed the decent weather with 150 other runners in Cornwall on the 29th of September by running the Park Run at the Eden Project. Starting at the top car park and running down towards the biomes was great on the way down, but then it’s a run back up to the top to complete the first of 3 circuits.  Fine if you like hill training!! Steve found this oddly enjoyable and finished in 24m:42s despite setting off a bit too fast to begin with.

Helen Palmer tried out Killerton on the 13th of October for her first ever Park Run and enjoyed a leisurely tour around the country grounds taking in the country air and not worrying about a PB.

David Skinner continued his quest in his Alphabet Park Run collection, by completing Minehead in the wet, windy and generally unpleasant conditions giving him the ‘M’. Then on the 20th of October David collected an ‘L’ at Longrun Meadow in Taunton, or is it now pronounced Launton? Do we allow this one? Okey, so we do which means this gives him six more to get on the UK mainland with ‘J’ to be Jersey at some point. He is still scratching his head for X and Z!

Meanwhile, Christie Ward and her farther John Sharples went to the Seaton Park Run where Christie managed a PB time of 28m:10s with John a second behind.

Julia Haddrell tried the Exmouth Park Run in beautiful sunshine and achieved a 30m:27s timing. She was happy with that timing, but Julia felt that far too much time was spent avoiding cow-pats at the Killerton Park Run on the 27th of October, that it was very cold, it all seemed uphill and no PB! Well Julia, it was cold and the cow-pats were frozen!

Lastly, I am very happy to inform you all that the speedy Kirsteen Welch has been smashing Park Run times with a cracking Exmouth18m:29s!