Ultra Marathon

Ham and Lyme 100k/50k Ultra Marathon

Sidmouth Running Club members Sarah Watkins (who did the 50km version) and Jessica Raynor and Danny Painter, were in action at the Ham and Lyme 100 Ultra.
This ultra marathon is follows the stunning Liberty Trail, between Lyme Regis and Ham Hill Country Park in Somerset for the 50km and then back for the 100km.
The competitors for the 100km set off from Lyme at 7am, the 50km runners from Ham Hill at 9:30.
In temperatures reaching in excess of 30 degrees in the middle of the day, it made running extremely uncomfortable, so it was soon realised, that any plans for personal bests on the time keeping front, would have to be revised back to survival mode for the duration.
Keeping the brain awake for map reading in the heat was a task in its self! However, thanks to the food stations being fantastic, the Red Arrows being in the neighbourhood and stunning views the miles were covered and the race completed.
Danny finished a splendid seventh in 13:20:30 while Jessica was eighth in 13:34:57 and second lady across the finish line.
Sarah Watkins arrived at the finish line in 7:44:08 giving her an over all position of 113th.