Ottery Rail and River

Otter Rail and River 10k.

The 2018 Otter Rail and River Run organised by Jo Earlam and the Tipton Playing Field Association and took place on Saturday 14th of July. It was sponsored by Harrison-Lavers and Potbury, Michelmores Solicitors, Otter Brewery and The Good Pub Guide.

Being a very hot day with temperatures in the higher 20’s, this years race has earned the nickname of the H-Otter Rail River Run. It made for a very challenging run, with hardened and very dusty tracks.

This race started by circling the cricket pitch and heading towards the carpark, it then crossed the road and follows the path along the river heading down stream towards Newton Poppleford. It then crosses the river to Hartford and into Harpford woods up to the old railway bridge. Then climbing the steps up and following the old railway track back into Tipton. The route then heads to Sargent Mill over the bridge and heads off towards Fluxton, along a lane heading back towards Tipton, across a field and bridge to enter the top of the playing field and a sprint to the finish. It is an undulating off-road run with many of challenges. In this years race due to the extreme hot weather a shortened route for those finding it to much has been introduced. Those who wish to, were able to do a 7km route.

There were 24 Sidmouth runners who took part in this event with Sam Ingram, Hamish Spence (myself) and Nick Dicks battling it out at the front for the first part of the race. Finally, Nick took off just after the first water stop and Sam left me behind along the old railway line. With Sarah Clapham and Tim Swarbrick hot on my heals I knew my pace would need to be maintained. Also, to close for comfort and not far behind, were Christine and Karen Farnham who are very well matched. They spent the whole race fighting it out for supremacy and as usual, it’s always left to the last few yards for a high octane sprint to the finish line. David Miller and Shaun Tipton must have witnessed the twins as they both fought it out around this route.

The next group of battling Mighty Greens were Dave Wright, Colin Flood, Paula Farrand, Suzi Rocky and Jennifer Bentley. Not far behind and trying to close the gap were John Doherty, Micheal Ginberg, Samantha Dicks and Jane Powell.

Toughing it out and sweeping up at the tail end with determination were Richard Hedger, Rachel Burrow, Sarah Ginsberg, David Skinner, Lara Miilmow and Emma Grainger all of which showed us how to do a sprint finish.

The 1st Sidmouth runner back was Nick Dicks 49:48, 2nd, Sam Ingram 52:08, 3rd Hamish Spence with a time of 53:27, and then Sarah Clapham 54:28, Tim Swarbrick 55:20, Christine Farnham 56:46,Karen Farnham 56:48, David Millen 57:27, Shaun Tipton 58:49, Dave Wright 1:01:04, Colin Flood 1:01:32, Paula Farrand 1:03:43, Suzi Rockey 1:03:43, Jennifer Bentley 1:03:44, John Doherty 1:04:13, Michael Ginsberg 1:05:35, Samantha Dicks 1:05:27, Jane Powell 1:05:34, Richard Hedger 1:07:47,Rachel Burrow 1:10:46, Sarah Ginsberg 1:11:20, David Skinner 1:13:08, Lara Millmow 1:15:44, Emma Grainger 1:16:20