Sidmouth Running Club Gets Festive

Saturday saw the welcome return of The Otterton Reindeer Run after a four year break thanks to the Jubilee playpark committee and the very frosty conditions transformed the route into a Winter wonderland.

David dressing very appropriately

Four SRC juniors donned their festive gear and took part in the junior reindeer calf run with junior leaders Grahame and Donna Womersley-Westlake who were also suitably dressed. They all enjoyed the 3k route with Christopher, his first time representing the Mighty Greens, being the first SRC junior to cross the finish line with Marcus, Jack and Amelia not far behind.  They all received a fantastic medal which the MG 10k runners were very envious of!

Jack, Amelia, Christopher and Marcus with Junior leaders Donna and Graham

Some of the SRC 10k runners took refuge in the warmth of the pub beforehand as it was still -4 degrees including Brigid McEleney-Smith who gave Kathy Jordan and Alexa Baker a good warm up by teaching them some Irish dancing!

A festive bunch of MG’s.

You couldn’t not feel Christmassy as everyone lined up wearing a variety of hats, reindeer outfits, festive leggings and in chairman Terry Bewes’ case, his pyjamas!

Neville entering into the festive fun

With the frost sparking in the bright sunshine conditions couldn’t have been better, even the mud and cow pats were frozen!  Looking back towards Sidmouth as you went up the hill out of Ladram was stunning.

Sprint finish for Colin Ryan

Colin Ryan was the first male MG to finish in 53:57, 12th out of a field of 146 and Catherine Hylton the first MG female to finish in 1:01:01.  Social secretary Naomi Garrick was awarded a prize for the best fancy dress and Terry a bottle of wine for his help with organising the event and for being the back runner.

Fancy dress winner Naomi

Back at the village hall all runners were given the option of a bacon roll and glass of mulled wine or tea and a mince pie which rounded off the morning very nicely and got the MG’s in the mood for the Christmas party that evening.

Plank Competition at the MG Christmas do

Results: Colin Ryan 53:57; Catherine Hilton 1:01:01; Neville Hylton 1:04:49; Rachel Barnard 1:04:55; Christine Farnham 1:05:51; Karen Farnham 1:07:05; Scott Chown 1:07:56; Katy Josh 1:08:56; Brigid McEleney-Smith 1:09:55; Naomi Garrick 1:12:01; Sarah Clapham 1:12:31; David Wright 1:14:28; Kathy Jordan 1:20:01; Alexa Baker 1:20:02; Carol Hounsell 1:20:25; Ronnie Masters 1:21:52; Jo Earlam 1:22:31; Helen Palmer 1:22:42; Clare Hawes 1:29:03; Julia Haddrell 1:31:21; Ann Cole 1:31:27; Chris McCormick 1:31:49; Emma Grainger 1:38:14; Terry Bewes 1:44:07.