The Mighty Green Spirit Has Many Guises

Have you ever wondered why Sidmouth Running Club call themselves the Mighty Greens?  There has been some good examples recently from members pushing themselves out of their comfort zones, injured members coming out to support fellow runners, members flying the Sidmouth flag and club runners supporting each other.

Adrian ‘Gripper’ Horne and son Ollie Goodchild-Horne headed up to Belvoir Castle near Grantham to join the ‘Son’s of Mudarchy’ OCR (obstacle course race) team. They were taking part in Europe’s Toughest Mudder, a 12 hour race throughout the night where they keep adding in different obstacles as you try and complete as many laps as you can.

Gripper before injury

Almost all the obstacles require team work to get over them as they are very big and very hard some involve barbed wire, water and pitch black tunnels with menthol pumped through them!  Unfortunately, during the first lap going through a smelly lake Gripper felt a niggle in his arm.  This did not deter the Mighty Green and showing MG grit and determination he continued with Ollie’s help to get under and over the obstacles despite his bicep becoming more and more painful. They carried on to complete 3 laps and it was only then that they realised the extent of the injury, a torn bicep, and wisely decided to call it a night.


SRC’s Hannah Maslen showed her Mighty Green spirit as she completed her first 100k (64 mile) event.  Hannah has been fitting in early morning training runs and cross fit sessions to prepare for the Salomon Serpent Trail event.  With her family supporting her all the way, Hannah crossed the finish line with her children having run for over 17 hours.  Well done Hannah what a great achievement.

Hannah crossing the line with her family

Wearing his Mighty Green shirt Neville Hylton took part in his first parkrun in about 13 years at Norman Park, Bromley.  About ¾ of the way around and feeling he’d gone off too fast, he asked a nearby runner is it 2 or 3 laps?  Luckily, he replied 2 then on noticing his MG shirt asked is it flat in Sidmouth, as he was from Torbay.  They chatted for a while before he said don’t let me hold you back so Neville pressed on. At the finish the man commended Neville on his effort and it was then, face to face that Neville thought he recognised him from work so asked did we used to work together as you look familiar?  It turned out to be Olympian javelin thrower, Steve Backley OBE! It goes to show wearing the MG shirt certainly gets a conversation started!

Steve Backley OBE and our very own Neville

LME’s Balmy Bicton 10k took place on Sunday and the Mighty Green spirit was out in force there too.

Balmy Bicton 10k

Pete Norman turned up wearing his MG shirt despite being unable to participate due to injury to cheer on his fellow runners and take photos.

A True MG Pete Norman

MG Becky Proctor and her children were very encouraging to the runners whilst out for a bike ride on the common. SRC’s Grahame Womersley-Westlake had a fantastic race finishing 16th overall out of a field of 71, his highest ever placing. When Clive Gilbert finished not far behind Grahame they both decided, in true MG spirit, to run back to Donna Womersley-Westlake and Clare Luke to encourage them over the finish line. (It nearly didn’t happen as they took a wrong turn but found them in the end!)

Grahame and Clive bringing the girls home

Organiser Lizzie Mayne was donating a percentage of the entry fee to Mill Water School where the race started and finished from and the school had a team running in the event too.  This included two Mighty Greens Beccy Johnson and Kathy Jordan who swapped their MG shirts for blue ones.  Many members of SRC have donated to their Just Giving page showing their support to Beccy and Kathy and the school whilst Alexa, Donna and Clare showed their support another way-buying cakes from the PTA stall at the end! A big thank you must go to Lizzie and her team, everyone is so friendly and encouraging and the new route this year was great.

Cake anyone?!?

There will be more Mighty Green spirit on display next week when Lucia Hofstetter, Grace and Hannah Wightman line up for The Otter Rail and River 10k, their first race and longest distance since they joined the beginner’s course in January.  You can be sure that all the club runners will be supporting and cheering them on.  Good luck ladies.

Balmy Bicton 10k Results: Grahame Womersley-Westlake 50:53, Clive Gilbert 53:11, Beccy Johnson 1:02:56, Alexa Baker 1:05:16, Kathy Jordan 1:08:35, Donna Womersley Westlake and Clare Luke 1:16:33