January Weather Does Not Deter The Mighty Greens!

SRC run leader Bex McDonald timed her route to perfection on the Sunday run, finishing just before the heavy rain started.  Bex led the 9 mile off road run along the Coleridge Trail and the runners were pleased to get the hilly section out of the way first and thoroughly enjoyed the scenery.

Sunday Runners with leader Bex McDonald

Following the sleet/snow of Wednesday morning, six hardy beginners returned for a hill rep session which soon got them glowing and taking off layers.  Despite the icy conditions, everyone did really well and got back in one piece!

Mighty Green Clive Gilbert had a busy weekend, he joined fellow Mighty Greens on Saturday at Exmouth parkrun then led the Sunday run the following morning.  It was a very cold parkrun, with a biting wind but it didn’t put off SRC Juniors, Brody Bray, Jack and Amelia Womersley-Westlake who were running it for the first time.

Mighty Greens at a very cold Exmouth Parkrun

Run leader Clive was pleasantly surprised when 19 club runners met him in the car park on Sunday as he had had doubts that he might be the only one running especially as it was so cold.  Clive’s 7 mile route took in Southerton, Harpford Common, Aylesbeare Common, where there was still snow in places, and Dotton.  There were runners in the group stepping up their mileage for the first time who felt encouraged and supported by Clive and really enjoyed themselves.

Sunday runners with leader Clive Gilbert