The Heat Is On!

When SRC’s Kirsteen Welch travelled up to Wales to compete in the UTMB World Series Ultra Trail Snowdonia 50k, she hoped to finish in the top three having changed her training to include more hill work.  The Mighty Green had an exceptional race helped by following advice and fuelling up during the event to avoid muscle cramps that she has struggled with in the past when racing in the mountains. Kirsteen finished 1st female and 8th overall in 6:23:34 and was over the moon to be on the podium alongside incredible athletes. Kirsteen is very grateful for her family’s never ending support and to everyone who is sharing her running adventure.

The only way is up for Kirsteen (photo by David Miller)

What a difference a year makes for the Otter Rail and River Run which took place on Saturday. Long gone were the memories of being knee deep in mud and instead finding shade was a priority!

The event is organised by Tipton St John Playing Field Association in conjunction with Sidmouth Running Club and is based at Tipton St John playing field where the Jackie Box fun run took place first at 10.30am with 10 Mighty Green Juniors taking part.

Our Mighty Green Fun Runners

They all enjoyed the warm up taken by SRC Junior helper Catherine Hilton before setting off on the mile long off road loop.

Catherine Hilton taking the Junior pre-run warm up

Barney Baxter was second over the line and first SRC junior with the others following not far behind to loud cheers from parents and SRC supporters.

And they are off-Junior Fun Run

At 11am, following a warm up by SRC’s Alexa Baker, 42 Mighty Greens lined up at the start of the 10k race looking forward to reaching the shade of Harpford Woods.

Pre-Race Warm Up

The route is very picturesque, alongside the river (which was looked at longingly!) through Harpford Woods, along the old railway line, back towards Tipton, through fields out to Fluxton and along tracks back to Tipton.  Mark Andow was the first SRC over the line in 49:45 in a field of 205 and not for the first time MG Catherine Hilton was the first local woman over the line in 53:27 and was presented with a trophy and prize. Special mention to MG David Wright who ran the route earlier in the morning to check the signage then took part in the event.  Race director Jemma Wiltshire did a fantastic job reminding runners to take on water at the 3 water stations on the route, but the heat certainly tested the runners.  Thankfully dizziness and nausea were overcome and the juicy oranges at the finish were much appreciated as was the bottle of Otter Brewery Ale all runners received.

Sunday wasn’t any cooler for Derek Blackburn, Donna and Grahame Womersley-Westlake who represented the club at GWC 10k charity run.  The Mighty Greens ran from Tiverton to Samford Peverell for Young Lives V Cancer.

Derek Blackburn, Donna and Grahame Womersley-Westlake at GWC 10K

Otter Rail and River 10K Results: Mark Andow 49:45, Darren Pearce 52:37, Greg Ward 53:06, Catherine Hilton 53:27, David King 53:35, Tim Swarbrick 55:44, Becky Knapman 56:03, Simon Stokes 57:42, Paul Reeve 57:51, Christine Farnham 58:02, Rachel Barnard 58:26, Clive Gilbert 59:35, Tim Clay 60:20, Simon Hollyer 60:24, Karen Farnham 60:40, Sarah Clapham 61:33, Naomi Garrick 61:48, Becky Procter 62:20, Becky McDonald 63:31, Adrian Horne 63:54, Jane Hemsworth 65.21, Brigid McEleney-Smith 65:22, Graham Sheppard 65:45, Sue Collman 67:54, David Wright 67:54, Alexa Baker 68:02, John Doherty 70:14, Carol Hounsell 70:33, Christie Ward 70:50, Judith Jeeves 71:54, Clare Luke 71:54, Colin Flood 72:53, Paul Mitchell 72:53, Amelia Frankpitt 76:04, Marion Johnson 79:01, Jenni Yeoman 80:43, Beccy Johnson 80:51, Kate Jenkins 85:05, Liz Goodman 85:05, Ann Cole 85:30, Terry Bewes 85:30, Jo Earlam 89:57