SRC Junior Barney Baxter Wins Cranbrook Jubilee Family Fun Run

On Thursday 2nd June three junior Mighty Greens, Hamish Bishop, Amalie and Barney Baxter entered the Cranbrook Country Park Jubilee Celebration family Fun Run organised by Cranbrook Running Club.

Barney and Amalie Baxter represented SRC at Cranbrook

All three enjoyed the run but especially Barney who finished first and although proud to receive a trophy for first male was far more interested in the inflatable football which was in his goody bag!

A very happy Barney Baxter with his trophy

Suzi Rockey competed in two Jubilee events over the weekend at Cranbrook and Honiton and received some impressive commemorative medals

Suzi Rockeys’ Jubilee Bling

while Liz Goodman entered into the Jubilee spirit by running in 3 pairs of socks on Saturday to achieve a red, white and blue effect!

Liz Goodman and her Jubilee socks