A Memorable Four Trigs

A Very Memorable 20th Anniversary Four Trigs Challenge

How many entrants checked their emails on Sunday morning to see if the Four Trigs had been cancelled? With winds gusting at 48mph and driving rain the weather certainly played its’ part in making the 20th anniversary fell race memorable especially for the organisers, Marion and Robert Hayman. Supporting the charity Cardiac Risk in the Young (CRY), since 2015, the event was started in 2001 by Nick Keast. The 4 Trigs has only been cancelled twice: once due to Storm Ciara in 2020 and secondly, due to the pandemic in 2021.

A bit wet

This ‘low-key’ off-road running event covers a distance of approximately 28km with an obscene amount of climb involved. Underfoot is mixed terrain, mainly dirt trails, but with some grass and gravel not to mention steps, tree roots and some drainage gutters on the route as well as some steep sections of climb and fast descents. This year we had additional water coming off the fields creating rivers to run down especially coming into Sidbury but it did clean our trainers off!

4 Trigs Group

The aim is to visit each of the four Triangulation Pillars around the Sid Valley with runners choosing their own routes but they must visit each Trig Point in order (High Peak was first this year) taking in the 5 Check points to help taper the route.

This year a new app, MapRun6 was encouraged which enabled a staggered start which worked well especially with the wild conditions as the runners didn’t have to wait around getting colder and wetter.

Sidmouth Running Club came out in force though the Mighty Green shirts were well hidden under waterproofs! Out of a field of 125 finishers, 42 were Mighty Greens, 31 completing all 4 Trigs and 11 ran 3 Trigs. Antony Hall was the first SRC runner over the line, 10th overall in 2:46:03, with fellow MG David Knapman hot on his heels, 11th overall in 2:46:41. An astounding result, showing grit, determination and good balancing skills in those conditions.

Fire Beacon Hill

Julia Haddrell who ran 3 Trigs summed her run up by saying, “We ran through streams, chased our hats, fell over in the mud and laughed-what a memorable day.”

A bit slippy

Sidmouth Running Club would like to thank the organisers and marshals who were stood out in the same weather conditions as they were running in but remained cheerful and encouraging. A special mention and thank you must go to the sponsors of the event. Nigel Winchester, of Ian Winchesters and Sons, who not only provided the bananas, he served them too, on top of East Hill. Richard king of Kings Garden and Leisure, sponsored the special 20th Anniversary celebratory mugs and also provided delicious flapjack and brownies at the finish.

Marion and Robert are delighted to announce that The four Trigs has managed to raise £2,302.00  for  CRY this year which brings the total over the last 8 years to £11,562 and thanks everyone for their generosity.

4 Trigs Results 2022.

Antony Hall 2:46:03 10th o/a

David Knapman 2:46:41 11th o/a

Richard Summerhayes 3:04:43

Tom Knight 3:05:19

Ross Walton 3:27:54

David Chipping 3:29:14

Martin Truman 3:36:54

Catherine Hilton 3:45:07

Charlotte Forrer 3:49:00

Jim Forrer 3:49:06

Sam Ingram 4:03:01

Simon Hollyer 4:05:16

Mark Andow 4:05:26

Chris Heywood 4:05:31

Martin Barnard 4:09:32

Lynda Hawkins 4:11:10

Rachel Barnard 4:11:44

Becky McDonald 4:12:08

Sarah Ginsberg 4:12:37

Graham Sheppard 4:24:32

Richard King 4:29:14

Mark Norton 4:32:59

Becky Procter 4:33:38

Cath Miller 4:35:26

Naomi Garrick 4:39:18

John Keast 4:40:54

Debbie Cawthera 5:15:19

Don Cawthera 5:15:19

Cathy Keast 5:15:19

Helen Palmer 5:15:19

David Welsh 6:30:00

3 Trigs

Alexa Baker, Terry Bewes, Ann Cole, Christine and Karen Farnham,

Julia Haddrell, Carol Hounsell, Brigid McEleney-Smith, Kerry Salter, Sarah Watkins, David Wright