Capers Abound

Sidmouth Running Club’s Antony Hall Secures 2nd Place With 7+ hours of Running!

The aptly named Celebration Caper organised by Jolly Running was cause for celebrations for three Mighty Greens on Saturday. The 8 hour timed event was set in the Riverside Valley Park, Exeter and it was up to the runner how many 3.3mile laps to run.


Despite the heat Rachel Austen-Rigby completed 2 laps, running 6.6 miles in 1:31:05 and was very pleased to receive the unique medal in the shape of a champagne bottle. This was Rachel’s second 10k event since joining the club’s beginners group in lockdown this year and she said she appreciated the encouragement given from the fellow Mighty Greens.


Newly qualified Leader in Running Fitness, Yasmin Salter, gave her Hospice UK charity marathon vest a test run and used the Caper as part of her marathon training. With four weeks to go Yasmin ran 6 laps, a total of 19.8 miles in 3:26:01.

Antony with prize

Antony Hall’s pre-run preparations the night before certainly paid off. The Mighty Green said, “On Saturday I lined up for the start of the Celebration Caper. Having got off to my usual too fast start I settled down from the second lap into a steady pace taking 2 laps at a time to get through the heat of the day! Finally the fatigue and cramps got too much on the 13th lap and I finished at that, covering just over 43 miles in the time, and picking up 2nd place! It was a really great event with fantastic marshals and friendly runners; I will be back next year to see if I can reach the magic 50 miles!”Knowing Antony he will!

Jane and Jack

Representing Sidmouth Running Club on Sunday at the Bridgwater Half Marathon were Jack Wilson and Jane Stein neither of them having run this distance before! Jack, who has only been running for just under a year, chose the Bridgwater Half Marathon as it was relatively flat, chip timed and in support of Cancer Research UK. Jack was thrilled with his time 1:47:00 and showed his support to fellow MG Jane by running back to encourage her over the finish line of which she was very grateful. Jane was very happy with her time of 2:18:00. Will a marathon be their next goal?