Lockdown#2 Challenges

SRC Lockdown#2 Challenges Completed

Pick and Mix was the title of week 3’s challenge 2. The runners had to choose 3 runs from a selection of 9 off and on road routes to complete before midnight on Sunday 30th November.

Nineteen members completed the 3 week challenge and qualified for an award which saw some impressive time management and dedication to fit the runs in. Kerry Boyle incorporated the school run, Leanne Thomson had to juggle around her shifts meaning she ran two of the challenges in one day, husbands and dogs were thoroughly exercised and torches had to be used. As Tash Morgan eloquently said, “Thanks Terry for getting me off my bum and getting me out there to enjoying our beautiful valley. I’ve really enjoyed doing the lockdown challenges.”

Ross Walton and Gail Goldsmith Take Gold

Ross Walton

There were some outstanding hill climbs in challenge 1 by both gents and ladies, but the most outstanding was Ross Walton, the men’s gold winner, who succeeded in not only reaching the summit of Everest but surpassed it, 30,247 feet climbed over the last 3 weeks, 22 hours 12 minutes of running, 143.54 mile run at an average pace of 9:21 minute miles. An absolutely fantastic achievement.

Hamish Spence

Hamish Spence took silver despite an injury in week 2 with a total of 14,942 feet climbed. He said, “It was a great challenge to take on and I have thoroughly enjoyed the banter and camaraderie amongst other SRC MG’s, thank you Terry for organising.”

In bronze position having climbed 14,631 feet Shaun Tipton added, “Thank you Mr Bewes for the idea, implementation and encouragement, every minute thoroughly enjoyed-well almost!”

Rocker Shepperd

Rocker Shepperd who filled any spare hour in the final week to get out and run some hills climbed 13,211 feet, with Adrian ‘Gripper’ Horne, Allan Kay and Derek Blackburn, reaching towards 10,000 feet. All of them appreciated the motivation and awesome efforts of everyone who took part.

Gail Goldsmith took the gold position for the ladies having climbed 15,242 feet over the last 3 weeks.

Kerry Salter’s incredible final 9.32 mile run with 2,310 feet of climb saw her firmly in silver position with a total of 9,781 feet climbed. Kerry said, “I am glad not to have to run up Griggs Lane again any time soon!”

Taking bronze position with 7,529 feet climbed, Jenny Kay and Alexa Baker were relieved to have completed the challenge and exceed 1,000 feet on their last run.

Jo Earlam (5,419ft) and Bex McDonald (3,459ft) had also enjoyed completing the hill challenge too.

Chairman Terry Bewes summed up saying, “To everyone that took part in the Lockdown #2 challenges I thank you for your support; you all seemed to enjoy it with a bit of competitiveness going on here and there. It is the involvement of members that make it all worthwhile, thank you for your support.”

Bring on the next challenge!