Fab 5 Conquer Devon

The Fab Five Conquer Devon.

Five Mighty Green Sidmouth Running Club juniors have completed the ‘Conquer a Devon Route’ challenge set by School Games Active Devon writes Hamish Spence.

This Devon Virtual Games Event took place between 18th May 2020 to 13th July 2020 and was hosted by Active Devon and the School Games Organisers. The event encouraged the young participants to accumulate mileage by either running, jogging or walking while also following the latest government guidance on being active during the coronavirus outbreak.

For the Primary school ages, 20 miles completed, won bronze, 30 miles covered won silver and for 40 miles endured took Gold. Four juniors, who all attend Sidmouth Primary school achieved this, 3 of which gained the coveted Gold. James Jamani aged 11y did an amazing distance of 70.13 miles. Ellie Jamani aged 8y covered massive 67.1 miles and Seth Lancaster aged 10y managed an impressive 56.68 miles. Flynn Lancaster aged 8y took a silver for his magnificent 33.91 miles.

In the Secondary school age group it was quite rightly tougher and 40 miles was needed for bronze, 60 miles for silver and 80 miles for Gold. Not deterred or daunted by the distances required, Amalie Farrand took the opportunity to escape the family house for her daily exercise. Not only did she grasp at this chance, she opted for an attempt on gold. Amalie completed the challenge by doing a daily run from home navigating through our beautiful countryside. Her mileage was also supported by a longer walk at the weekend with her dogs. She covered 80 miles in just four weeks and succeeded in her quest for gold.