London Marathon 26.2 Lockdown Challenge

London Marathon 26.2 Lockdown Challenge.
A Mighty Green Idea
Sunday 27th April at 9.30am

Early last week ,Jo Earlam our secretary came up with the idea while running out in the countryside writes Terry Bewes
Jo is a great marathon runner having completed over 70 towards her target of 100. She is also an exceptionally good fund raiser for several charities. The light came on, combining the two. She ran her idea by the committee and Kerry Boyle our Junior leader added to it, Kyle Baker our videographer produced a short video and our IT crew of Els Laureys, Charlotte Forrer and Paula Farrand soon had it all over the internet.
The idea was based around 26.2 the marathon distance and leaves those taking part to decide what they want to do and chose the charity they want to raise fund for.

Jo Earlam herself, who’s drive just happens to be 26.2 metres long is running it 26 times. Husband John is doing 26 Sudoku squares while dog Freddie will chase a ball 26 times raising funds for dementia and dog charities. Sidmouth Running Club Ambassador, Jo Pavey and husband Gavin both supported the Club. Jo ran a virtual relay with 11 other British Marathon women who were due to run the race, it was organised by her friend Eleanor Whyman-Davis an elite marathoner who is also an NHS doctor working on a Covid 19 ward. Husband Gavin went further and ran a full off-road marathon taking time out to take loads of photos and still finished in 3:35 :41.

Beccy McDonald took a 26.2 mile run almost entirely off road, Tim Swarbrick ran 262 metres up Winslade Road 26 times, Rocker Shepard and Emma Grainger seeing how far they can run in 26.2 minutes, Alan Kay 26.2 laps of the football pitch complete with London Landmarks dotted around, Alexa Baker 26.2 minutes of Morris dancing, Laura Broughton cycling 26.2 miles with her children for part of the way, Hamish Spence and dog, The Spanner ran around a customer’s garden while the dog retrieves 26 balls, Ann Cole Yoga poses, Naomi Garrick dressing up in fancy dress 26.2 times, Toby Garrick 26.2 exercises in 26.2 minutes, Jane Hemsworth 26 times up and down Jacobs Ladder slip way complete with pictures of London Landmarks, Claire Ashby and family 26.2 minutes of squats, press ups and burpees in the garden, Kerry Boyle running 5km in 26 minutes around her 10 x 2 metre yard complete with London Land marks, while son Seth save 26 football shots. Emma Salter 26.2 minute jog, David Palmer 26.2 pints Old Peculiar…(in his dreams), Els Laureys and family 26 different activities in 26 minutes like star jumps, squats, press ups, then a 26 minute run, Brigid McSmith 26.2 tunes on 1 instrument while Steve plays 1 tune on 26 instruments. Terry Bewes 26.2 minutes of pyramid hill reps up Stowford Rise. Joe Kent and family joined in with various activities from Australia and 3 members of Sid Vale Folk joined in, Tess 26 scales in 2.6 minutes, Sue 26 sunshine songs in 26 minutes and Rita 26 of their songs.


Charities include Ottery Community Volunteers, Brain Tumour Research, Refuge, RAF Benevolent Fund, Samaritans, PETA, Cancer Research, St Rocco’s Hospice, Halo’s Children Foundation. Devon Wildlife trust, Force, MIND, Krabbes UK, RSPCA, Asthma UK, National Autistic Society, St Raphael’s Hospice, South West Children Hospice, Team Shelter, CRISIS, Prostate Cancer UK, Diana Brimacombe Animal Rescue Charity, Queens Nurse Institute, Fire Fighters Charity, Headway Stroke Charity, Hospice UK, Devon Partnership NHS Trust, Shelter, Sid Valley Food Bank, Women’s Aid, CRY, Devon Air Ambulance, RNLI, PHAB Children Charity, Alzheimer’s Society, BRACE, MS Society, Heart Failure Aware, Fareshare, Rethink Mental Illness, National Autistic Society, Trussell Trust.

A message from Chairman Terry Bewes. “As the very proud Chair of this great Club, the response from the members and their families, even with the short notice was nothing short of amazing. There were so many different challenges and a great deal of thought and energy was put into them, especially the children. Over 40 charities received donations from their efforts, a brilliant result, I thank then all”.