Sidmouth 10k

A very warm sunny November morning welcomed the competitors to the first edition of the LM Events Sidmouth 10k race writes Hamish Spence.
On the 3rd of November with perfect conditions for the event, 58 members of the Sidmouth Running Club gathered at Sidford Hall with 270 other runners to participate in this new event. Starting from Sidford Hall, the route followed the path down The Byes all the way to Hillside Road where it headed uphill. Then, it was back down onto and along the length of the very stoney seafront promenade. The most westerly point of the promenade was the halfway point, the runners would then u-turn here and retrace their steps back to the finish line in Sidford.
With many familiar faces on the start line, Justin Ashby set off quickly staking his claim as a front runner immediately. He pursued the two other front runners all the way around and it was the last sprint to the finish that decided who came where on the podium. Antony Hall immediately gave chase to Justin reaching a pace of a 6:04min/mile. However, he soon began to realise that he wasn’t going to match the pace the first three were punching out, so he settled into the pace of the chasing pack. As the race progressed the pack got smaller and eventually left Antony to go it solo. He keep his sights on Justin and the other two leaders. By the time he reached the turn-a-round point on the seafront the leaders had disappeared. Antony had held a fast pace and kept the pressure up on the leaders for as long as he could. His effort gained a 4th position over all and the second MG to cross the finish line. Antony had one more very important role and duty to full-fill on the finish line…take a finishing photo of Significant Other, Kat Hall who crossed the line 10 minutes later
Tim Mitchell smashed a few of his personal bests during this event, three of which were in The Byes and a sprint along the Promenade. However, he didn’t quite beat Shaun Bagwell who saved the sprint for the end and powered over the line. Naomi Garrick really enjoyed the atmosphere and was happy that recent injuries did not stop her completing the race in under the hour and to take second MG lady across the line. Christine Farnham managed to leave running buddy and sister Karen Farnham behind on the seafront in a rare unilateral spurt of power which unusually formed a gap of over a minute between them. Becky McDonald felt enlightening with the sun shining on the Sunday morning, having completed a very sluggish practise attempt at the course 2 weeks prior in the pouring rain. She said that “she had entered for the club camaraderie and the fun of it, rather than the usual ‘in it to win it’ “! She further commented, “however, along came Tim Clay who always keeps a good race pace and suddenly everything changed”! Becky had now decided she’d do her best to keep up with him. Both MG’s hurtled off down the Byes keeping a 7:30 minute /mile pace and were neck-and-neck throughout the race. Soon both were regretting the speedy start especially upon arriving at Hillside Rd! Things really slowed up here, but both runners kept on running up that hill! Becky thought she had lost Tim, but stealthily he caught up on the return leg of the seafront. They stuck it out together until the last few hundred yards. Here Becky found her final sprint energy and made it across the line about 3 seconds ahead of Tim.
For Jenny Bentley it was a race with good vibes…man. It was tougher than expected as she wasn’t prepared for the hill. However, she still managed a 10k PB of 1h02m58s. It was good to see so much Sidmouth Running Club camaraderie on the course from the Marshalls and runners.
Cheryl Boulton enjoyed getting into her stride in the warm Autumn air along The Byes. She found the hills were killers, but as determined as she is she dug deep. She found herself passing many others who had given way to the need to walk up. What is Cheryl’s secret to this uphill running? Jelly Babies or Chocolate? Answer on the back page.
Well done to Gail Goldsmith who took the 1st place in the F70 category and Colin Flood who came 2nd in the M70. Emma Grainger got off to a slower start than she wanted as the scrummage into The Byes took time to disperse. But once it did, she attacked the race with vigour only slowing for the Jelly Babies… the hills… and the stones on the promenade.
Young Rockey Tristan Chips, who only joined SRC at the start of this year as a beginner exceeded all his own expectations. Tristan has really done himself proud this year, going from a non-runner to 10k personal best time breaker in under a year. He crossed the line taking 1st in his age category. Julia Haddrell enjoyed the first 5k but the second climb nearly finished her off, however not wanting to be be defeated while wearing the MG colours, she carried on and was very relieved to finish. Julia thanks Tim Mitchell for all the 10k training. To celebrate her Birthday, Sarah Browne decided there is no better way than taking part in a 10k race completing the route in just over an hour on the clock. It was great to see our Alphabet Parkrun collector, David Skinner taking part with Dee Lawrence not far behind him. Then not far behind Dee was Terry Bewes, who was certainly not least, but defiantly last runner and volunteer race sweeper.
Thanks go Dukes for sponsoring the event and also to the 12 SRC Members who all did a fantastic job of Marshalling all around the course and it was very much noted that the club camaraderie and support was superb. This event had a lot of positive feed back from the competitors with many recommending it as a race they would like to do again.
As a club, SRC had the biggest team turnout which meant the team prize was already in the bag.
1st MG to finish was Justin Ashby 39m05s, 3rd over all and 1st in category M40. Antony Hall 40m22s, 4th over all and 2nd in cat M40. Alex Munroe 30th in 42m53s. Shaun Bagwell 14th in 45m46s quickly followed by Tim Mitchell, 15th in 45m57s. Greg Ward 33 in 49m30s. First MG lady to cross the line was Molly Vasanthakumar, 34th in 49m32s. Stuart Coles 37th in 49m35s. David King came 44th in 50m18s. Tim Swarbrick 66th in 52m59s with Naomi Garrick shortly after in 72nd place in 53m18s and Rob Edwards 81st in 54m01s. Christine Farnham 84th in 54m03s and Sarah Clapham 94th, 55m03s. In 97th place was Becky McDonald 55m32s and Tim Clay 99th, 55m35s. Karen Farnham 101st in 55m44s with Hugh Jenkins 102nd. Kat Hall 104th, 56m01s. Sue Coleman 112th, 56m31s and in 117th was Carolyn Sinclair in 56m51s. Then came Catherine Cruise, 130th in 57m42s and Thomas Sinclair in 57m46s taking 131st place. In 136th was Derek Blackburn 58m27s with Shaun Tipton in 141st in 58m37s and Paula Farrand 150th in 59m08s. Sian Jones 59m14s, 153rd. Kerry Salter 157th in 1h00m10s. Susan Reeve 162nd. Cheryl Boulton 163rd. Jasmine Reeves 164th. Sarah Browne 172nd in 1h01m29s. Zsa Zsa Croft 179th. Gail Goldsmith 1h02m40s in188th place taking first in F70 category and Colin Flood picked up 189th over all, 2nd in M70 with a time of 1h02m49s. Jennifer Bentley 191st and Jodie Hawkins 197th. Helen Palmer 1h003m45s in 202nd place. Charles Sinclair 221st. Nikita Kay 225th. Kyle Baker 226th. Jennifer Bentley 230th. Allen Kay 232nd. Rachael Burrow 235th. Jason Chipps 237th. Emma Grainger 243rd. Christie Ward 253rd and John Sharples 254th in 1h09m42s. Natasha Morgan 274th. Tristan Chipps 1st in the U20 category. Helen Wyatt 294th. David Skinner 304th. Dee Lawence 310th. Terry Bewes last runner.