Parkrun Update 19/10/2019


Sidmouth Running Club
Parkrun Update 19/10/2019

Once again, our dedicated Park Runners were out in force at various events around the country. David Skinner was in Newcastle under Lyme attending the Wammy Parkrun. This was originally an industrial site in the 18th and 19th centuries and the run is an out and back on the route of what was an industrial railway. The course gets it name from a huge 32-ton hammer at the old iron works that made such a noise (wham wham) that the name stuck. David’s time 32:18
Ann Cole travelled to Winchester and returned a PB of 35:02.
Nearer home Beccy Johnson 39:08 and daughter Isla 39:07 went to Killerton. Our only runner at Seaton was Sarah Powell returning a time of 35:06. The majority journeyed to Exmouth and by the number of PB’s was a good choice.
Sam Ingram PB 21:41, Steve Saunders PB 23.46,
John Sharples 25:13, Sarah Clapham 26:09,
Sarah Browne PB 28:02, Nikita Kay PB 29:03,
Alexa Baker PB 33:43, Lesley Miszewska 34:57