Exmouth Parkrun

Mighty Greens at Exmouth

On Saturday 16th of February, fourteen Mighty Greens took part in the Exmouth Parkrun. Not a day for great views as it was pretty misty, but the conditions were perfect for running. The course is a dead flat, single loop along the seafront and is ideal for fast times, which probably explains why it is so popular. For 10 Mighty Greens this was their first time running at Exmouth, but I suspect for most it won’t be the last. 
Mark Souter was the first Sidmouth runner back with an excellent time of 18m57s, which follows on from being the first Sidmouth runner home at the Four Trigs the weekend before. Also doing something completely different were Don Cawthera, Debbie Marriott, Karen and Christine Farnham who had also been in action in the Four Trigs, Karen and Christine doing their first parkrun in 4 years.
Jo Earlam decided to run her 2nd Parkrun with her dog Freddie, which may or there again, may not have helped her to a time faster than her previous appearance. Freddie took off on a mission, but peaked to early and Jo almost had to carry him across the line!
Don Cawthera, John Sharples and Rob Edwards have run at Exmouth before, but all ran their best times for the course. Noticeable was the Don Cawthera “friendly” competition effect which dragged Chris Day-Kelly and Rob Edwards in his wake to produce personal best times for both of them over all parkruns. Also Parkrun PB’s were set by Mark Souter, Greg Ward, Sarah Clapham and Jo Earlam.
Results: Mark Souter 18m57s, Greg Ward 22m13s, Don Cawthera 23m03s, Chris Day-Kelly 23m03s, Rob Edwards 23m08s, John Sharples 24m39s, Debbie Marriott 25m25s, Sarah Clapham 25m31s, Christine Farnham 25m50s Karen Farnham 26m06s, Jo Earlam (and Freddie) 30m04s, Christie Ward 31m53s, Jessica Daer 34m38s.