Exeter 1/2M

Exeter Half Marathon 
The Exeter Half Marathon started from the quayside at Exeter with a traffic free and mostly flat route, apart from the hill from the crematorium up to Bridge Road. The event was held over the weekend (9th/10th of February ) with Saturday  being completed by Tim Swarbrick. Tim set a realistic pace by not trying to go too fast too early and run out of steam. This tack-tick gave him the the honourable position of being first and only Mighty Green to cross the line. He secured a place of 230th in 1h58m02s.
Going as a solo MG on Sunday the 10th, was Cheryl Boulton. This was her first half marathon since 2015 and the first as a Mighty Green. With very wet conditions underfoot and in places ankle deep in flood water, good progress very tricky. However and despite the rain, wind and deep puddles, she did it in 2h06m14s coming in 148th position out of 293 runners and also getting the honour of first and last MG over the line.