Plym Trail Marathon

Back To The Plym Trail For Jane Hemsworth
Jane Hemsworth revisited the Plym Trail Marathon at Clearbrook on Sunday the 20th of January. The winter race is one of the 4 seasons events all of which start at Clearbrook, near Yelverton. The route continues south towards Plymouth along the old railway line, now the Cycle Route 27. It is downhill all the way out, with the turnaround point being Coypool. It is uphill all the way back and the competitors do two laps.
With perfect weather conditions for her first marathon of 2019 and the fact that she was the only Mighty Green, she decided to set her pace quite high. With no one to chat too, she completed it in 4h:21m:38s which qualifies her to enter London Marathon as Good for age category for next year.