Great We(s)t Run

The Great West Wet Run Of 2018

A great turn out of the Mighty Green Sidmouth Running Club members for The Great West Run. In very wet weather on Sunday the 14th of October, 14 MG’s turned up to do battle with the elements.They all did themselves proud and achieved some fantastic results, there were some new PB’s and some first half marathon finishes. The Great West Run half marathon started from the Exeter Arena, taking the competitors on a tour of the city with masses of spectator support all the way along, to a stadium finish.

The first Sidmouth runner and 8th MV50 was Richard Summerhayes, completing this half marathon in a fantastic time of 1h:27m:45s with an overall position of 88th. A personal best for George Burgess removing a whole minute from a previous attempt giving him a time of 1h:27:55s and a 91st past the post position. This half marathon was Greg Ward’s first. He did very well and is very happy with his result. He achieved a 492nd place in a fast time of 1h:45m:23s, meaning that a sub four hour full marathon is possible. Go Greg go. Chris Day-Kerry managed a PB time of 1h:52m:22s, enjoying the support and encouragement from the spectators along the route coming in 752nd. Sarah Clapham was not much further behind Chris and running very well with a time of 1h:53m:31s and a place of 809th. Sam Ingram followed shortly after in 968th place in 1h:54m:59s and a 978th past the post for Rocker Shepard in a fast time of 1h:58m10s.

Paul Wright decided to give himself a massive handicap by wearing a bin bag! Why Paul, why would you do that to yourself? Thank goodness he took it off after two miles. Imagine how much better he would have d… oh actually, Paul did extremely well with a finishing time of 1h:58m:32s and a place of 1054th. Kerry Salter made it around in 2h:06m:29s and got a 1341st position and Jodie Hawkins who had put in four months of training for this event, got a time of 2h:13m:29s coming in 1594th place, a remarkable effort having just recovered from an injury which had threatened this race.

Fresh from the Atlantic Coast Challenge (three marathons in three days), Jo Earlam must have felt like she was taking a casual walk in the park. Her good time would suggest otherwise with a cool 2h:16m:46s. Jo ran the route with a first half marathoner Amelia Frankpitt, who ran the route in 2h:17m:10 and came in 1670th place. Amelia thanks all in the club who have encouraged her and coach Jo Earlam especially, for writing a training plan. Christie Ward has been training very hard throughout the Summer and on one occasion dragged a reluctant Paul Wright out up onto Peak Hill. This was Christie’s second half marathon and she managed to better her previous attempt by fifteen minutes, to a fantastic 2h:15m:53s. With a push for the finish line she got into 1689th place. John Sharples really enjoyed the event and helped motivate running partner Christie Ward (daughter) to keep going. His reward, satisfaction of a 2h:15m:55s finishing time, a 1692nd placing and a nice glass of Rioja.

Antony Hall had to go back to the finish line so officially his chip time and placing don’t do him justice at 2h:20m:18, a place of 1743rd and at the back end of the SRC runners! His Strava times were a more believable at 1h:34m:41s and a nifty pace of 7:12 minute miles.