AtlanticCoast Challenge

Atlantic coast challenge

Sarah Watkins, Jessica Raynor and Jo Earlam all took part in the Atlantic Coast Challenge, a three marathons in three days event which follows the coast line along North Cornwall.

Day one of the Atlantic Coast Challenge started North of Constantine Bay (near Padstow) and finished at Perranporth. Jo enjoyed every six hours and 54 minutes of it, especially the trek along a sandy beach at the end, where she decided to barefoot it through the sand and waves. Jessica and Sarah pulled ahead of Jo after the fist mile. Jessica had a fast pace gaining a time of 4h:29m and got in 5th. Sarah came in 119th with a time of 6h:27m:43s.

Atlantic Challenge day 2, (Perranporth to St Ives Bay Holiday Park). The ladies were welcomed to real North Cornish weather with horizontal rain and very strong blustering gales straight from the ocean! The route was also tough going with hills, steps, sand dunes and two miles of beach. Jo had some serious struggles with holding her hat down on her head every time the wind blew and then holding her leggings up as the elastic finally broke! However, considering her kit malfunctions her pace was quicker, shaving 30 minutes from the first day giving her 6h:21m:12s. Sarah came in a few minutes after at 6h:27m:55s. Jessica had an amazing race and an improved time, coming in at 4th position and first lady, with a great time of 4h:25m:16s.

Day 3 of the Atlantic Challenge and a beautiful sunrise. This section between St Ives Holiday Park and Lands End along the coastal path was rocky, hilly and almost 28 miles. . Jo lost her footing at mile 16 causing a gash to her hand and bruising to her leg, but it didn’t stop her for longer than it takes to enjoy the scenery and take some photos.

The first MG on the third day and for the third time, steaming into Lands End was Jessica Raynor in 6h:50m17s achieving a 21st position, Jo Earlam 114th in 8h:52m:36s who has now completed a total of 63 marathons and 119th for Sarah Watkins in 8m:56m:46s.
A huge effort by the three Mighty Green Ladies. After 80+ miles of tough running, Jessica managed a massive over all position of 7th. An evenly matched Sarah 105th and Jo 107th out of 165 finishers.