Straight 8

The Straight 8 Race

On Saturday the 4th of August at 5pm, Antony and Kat Hall lined up with 160 other runners, to represent the Mighty Greens at the start of the Greenbow Running Club’s Straight 8 race.

The race got underway in the blazing late afternoon sunshine from The Strand at Starcross, along the cycle routes and foot paths along the Exe Estuary and Exeter Canal, all the way to the quay in Exeter. Although it is a dead flat course, the weather certainly made it a very tough race.

Right from the start the pace was very quick, with the leading group setting out at sub 6 minute miles, so Antony settled into a chasing group behind the frontrunners.

After a few miles this group started to break up, the pace and heat of the day starting to take affect. However, Antony who has had some hot weather race experience this year managed to keep his pace going. Finally crossing the line hot and exhausted in a fantastic time of 52:48 and finishing in a high 5th place overall.


Kat took a more steady pace in the main field, and managed the heat of the day in a more sensible fashion, finishing in a commendable time of 1:18:27, with a well earned mid position of 89th overall and looked in much better shape than Antony!



A great race on a really nice flat route, making it a perfect distance for those looking to take the next step up from a 10k. They are both planning to compete in next year’s Straight 8, hopefully taking some more Mighty Greens along with them.