Blackdown Beast

The Blackdown Beast

Fourteen members of the club, missing from the team photo are Janice and Julian, who else? Who arrived late, as usual, and were queuing for the toilet, took on the 17 plus mile Beast over the Blackdown Hills on a misty and drizzly day.

This was the 5th year for Helen and Terry and what a Mighty mud extravaganza it was, a real mud fest, of the 17 miles 13 of them were in mud and slurry. Janice who was still suffering from a night out was confused thinking she was running the Beauty as she turned up wearing just her new racing back vest and was duly sent back to her car to put on another layer. She did however manage to stay on her feet this time which is more than I did. However I did come to her rescue later in the run when her hair got tangled up in some brambles, and being a true gentleman I did not take a photo but untangled her, then I thought I should have taken a photo first.

Beast virgins Anna Read, Sam Ingram, Danny Painter, Cath Miller, Julian Bartlett and Janice all thoroughly enjoyed the experience and the craic with the other 200 runners. Cathy’s Delia, the pasty and mulled cider at Smeatharpe kept us going and we all enjoyed the hospitality of the Luppit Inn this time taking over the lounge.

Although great fun and full of laughter it was exhausting keeping on pulling your feet out of the mud so we were all pleased to finish. Don thought it a good time to try out this new recovery routine he had read about 4 pints followed by a rum and black and a cup of tea. By the look of him I am sticking to my protein recovery shake and a banana.

Brilliant job by Roger Saunders and all his helpers from Honiton R.C. Thank you. Look out for the Blackdown Beauty July 14 and enjoy the famous cream tea.