Bowood House Tri

Bowood House Sprint Triathlon

Four of Sidmouth Running Club’s lady members, Becky Robson, Jane Hemsworth, Sarah Watkins and Helen Palmer had an early start on Sunday heading up to Bowood House in Calne, Wiltshire to take on the Sprint distance Triathlon taking place there for the fifth year.

The Sprint comprises a 750 metre fresh water lake swim, followed by a mile uphill run to the transition area where competitors race to climb out of their wetsuits onto their bikes. The 21k fast bike ride around the wilder parts of the grounds begins with a few technical corners and hill climbs to enjoy before the descent on each lap. The route loops around Bowood Golf course, Osprey Farm and Lord Lansdowne’s private drive which is inhabited with game fowl. Returning to the transition area once again the competitors change into running shoes for the 5K hilly but scenic run around the stunning gardens and waterfalls.

Becky has been competing here since the event started in 2013 and has watched it grow over the years. There are quite a few rules within the sport with a penalty of disqualification if you forget them so it keeps you focused.

Becky was first home with split times of swim 22:42, bike 48:40, run 28:28 with T1 & T2 a combined time of 1:41:09.

Jane, swim 31:18, bike 54:13, run 26:33 with T1 &T2 a combined time of 1:53:21.

Sarah, swim 25:38, bike 59:20, run 30:38 with T1 & T2 a combined time of 1:57:34.

Helen, swim 31:15, bike 54:13, run 30:31with T1 & T2 a combined time of 1:57:34.

Both Sarah and Helen were very pleased with their times as Sarah has been recovering from an operation over the last few months and this was Helen’s first triathlon. Standing proudly on the podium in their Mighty Green shirts complete with medals and suntan they all vowed to return next year in greater force.

There were 186 finishers.