Bristol ITU

Sidmouth Running Club

There has been lately a tradition of turning up at the wrong locations for the Wednesday runs. But the Ball family have taken this to a whole new level mistakenly heading for Crackington Haven. By a strange coincidence they met their son there running the Crackington to Tintagel leg of the coast path as part of Bristol Southmead Care Unit coast path marathon.

So donning the Mighty Green, Jon joined his son Geoff to complete the 19k in just under 3 hours. This was an excellent time given that there was over 3500feet of climb on this section. The support team of wife Penny and daughter Caroline brought much needed liquid refreshment and food from Tintagel for lunch at Ladies Window. It was a wonderful run at this time of the year with the spring flowers, butterflies and the oh so blue sea.

The Southmead ITU group will be running Exmouth to Sidmouth on 29th June and Sidmouth to Seaton on the 30th. How about donning your Mighty Green and joining them?

Latest entries into the Mighty Green on Holiday Challenge come from Tony Velterop wearing the Roosendaal Windmill in Holland as a hat and Suzi Rockey floating on the sea in Turkey and Greece.