Exeter Marathon

The Exeter Marathon

Kerry Boyle chose the Exeter Marathon for her first attempt at this distance with a sub 3:50:00 as her target time. The course is ideal for those competing for the first time as well as seasonal runners looking for a fast time due to its nature. Starting at St James Park before heading through the city centre towards the river Exe, you make your way along to Exwick before returning past the Quay and heading towards Countess Wear with the majority of the route being along the footpaths and cycle tracks of the river Exe and the Ship Canal.

It was a bit windy and warm and Kerry found it hard as at mile 3 a calf injury she had been carrying for some time played up. After that it was a long hard slog but her steel and determination held firm even after twice nearly dropping out. She managed to keep her pace for 20 miles and managed a sub four hours finishing in 3:54:32. This gave her 91st place out of the 310 finishers. Although disappointed she did not get the sub 3:50:00 it was a great experience and she learned a lot and will be ready for the next one. She thanked her coach Justin Ashby and training partner Claire Ashby for all their top tips and support.