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English Schools Cross Country Championships

Last weekend saw SIDMOUTH Running Club members Kate Marriott and Toby Garrick take part in the English Schools Cross Country Championships in Norwich, Norfolk.

After over 10 hours travelling there, they managed to shake off the tired legs and finish in 196th and 244th respectively, on a very flat course. The two athletes were very proud to finish 4th and 6th in their Devon team. This event followed the Inter-County Championships, held in Loughborough, on 11th March. Again, it was another long trip up, with an extremely challenging course with lots of mud and hills.

Both runners were at the bottom of their age group, and were very nervous to be competing with over 350 runners per race. The day was successful with Kate finishing 2nd in the Devon team and 202nd overall, whilst Toby got pipped on a sprint finish to finish 4th in the Devon team and 192nd in the testing field.

They are both very pleased the cross country season is now over which means no more mud, sweat or hills but the track season is soon looming.