Punchbowl Ultra

Punchbowl Ultra Marathon

Carine Silver from Sidmouth Running Club travelled up to Surrey with her family to take part in the LDWA 48th Punchbowl Ultra Marathon. There are two options, either a 20 or 30 mile self-navigation route for runners and walkers. There is a 10 hour limit for both events.

Carine entered her first ultra, opting for the 30 mile with her sister Evelyne Wilkinson while husband and daughters 12 and 11 and nephew 10 walked the parallel 20 mile event. Both start from Witley Village Hall near Godalming and follow a route through the Devil’s Punchbowl across heath, common land, paths and bridleways and parts of the North Downs way, ending with a run along the rim of the Punch Bowl. There are 3 check points on route providing drinks, light refreshments, sandwiches and fruit.

The weather was not ideal, cold and foggy with snow on the ground between the puddles of mud but it didn’t actually snow on them which was a bonus.

Carine and Evelyne finished in 6:40:00 with about 40 minutes spent at the checkpoints enjoying the hospitality making them 7th females home, although LDWA events are most emphatically NOT races. By quirk of routes and timing they passed the walking family members twice which was a boost to the spirts. The Mighty Green t-shirt attracted a lot of attention as it seemed that everyone has a connection to East Devon.