Bicton Blister

Bicton Blister

With such good weather on Sunday morning and an 11am start it was no wonder that a record number of thirty five Mighty Green clad SIDMOUTH Running Club members turned out to take part in the very popular Bicton Blister. This is a 10 mile multi-terrain race on Woodbury Common starting and finishing at Bicton College. The start and finish are short road sections, with the remainder of the race being on sandy, stony and normally muddy paths across the various Commons of East Devon, although this year it was extremely dry. Along with the main race is the Bicton Lite which is the little brother covering 4.5 miles with the same start and finish, just less distance on the Commons. Such is the popularity of this race that competitors come from far and wide to compete and this resulted in over 550 lining up at the start.

The good weather also brought out a couple of runners we have not seen in a while in Graham Hill, busy being a shepherd who was over 2 minutes faster than in 2014 and Andy Shearer back from Spain, busy being retired. One mystery runner to me Susie Perry who also turned in another excellent time as did Antony Hall. Naomi Garrick was really pleased with her time coming fourth in the V45 category being over a minute faster than last year. The look of exhilaration on the face of Milly Frankpitt on hearing her time, was a sight to behold and her stepdaughter Madeleine running in the Lite did extremely well and hopefully will soon be joining the Club. Three of our runners returning after injury or illness, Helen Palmer, Monica Read and Colin Flood used the event to test out their recovery in readiness for bigger things in the New Year.

Even better news, we ended up on the podium with our senior ladies team of: Jayne Drew, Kerry Boyle, and Naomi Garrick coming second. Justin Ashby coming second in the V45 category and Jon Hanson coming 3rd in the V60 category. Not to be out done, our two prolific medal winning juniors Toby Garrick coming second overall in the Lite and first in his age group and Kate Marriott coming second girl overall and first in her age group, also in the Lite.

It was inspiring to see at the finish, members from the various clubs including ours lined up along the finishing straight cheering on their members coming in behind them; great club spirit all round and superbly organised by Exmouth Harriers.

Blister Results: Justin Ashby 8th overall 1:04:22, Graham Hill 1:07:50, Antony Hall 1:11:05, Julian Bartlett 1:20:37, Naomi Garrick 1:24:25, Kerry Boyle 1:24:37, Jayne Drew 1:25:19, Alan Colwill 1:25:33, Jo Hanson 1:31:13, Andy Shearer 1:31:24, Susie Perry 1:32:56, Simon Hollyer 1:40:02, Karen Farnham 1:40:03, Jo Earlam 1:40:41, Graham Sheppard 1:41:10, Sarah Watkins 1:43:32, Sue Collman 1:43:46, Jon Ball 1:46:52, John Doherty 1:46:53, Deb Marriott 1:49:29, David Wright 1:50:50, Milly Frankpitt 1:52:02, Terry Bewes 1:52:03, Don Cawthera 1:53:33, Jennifer Bentley 1:57:04, Helen Palmer 1:58:22, Monica Read 1:58:23.

Lite results: Toby Garrick 30:49 2nd overall, Will Ashby 34:50, Kate Marriott 38:57, Madeleine Frankpitt 45:39, David Millen 46:30, Colin Flood 46:45, Suzi Rockey 51:25, Caroline Ball 53:10, Sue Cunningham 54:40.