Edinburgh Marathon 2016

Two of our elite runners showed us what they were capable of. On Saturday May 28th Justin Ashby and Tim Mitchell accompanied by support crew Claire, Justin’s wife boarded a plane in Exeter to fly up to Edinburgh to take part in the town’s marathon on Sunday and what an incredible race they both had. Along with over 7000 other runners they set off in perfect conditions in a beautiful city cheered on by thousands of spectators. You only have to look at their split times over 10K, half marathon, and 30K to see something special was happening; Justin recorded times of 38:53, 1:22:08 and I:56:40 while Tim recorded 44:42, 1:36:22 and 2:19:00. At the tape Justin came 32nd in a time of 2:44:30 a pace of 6:16 minute miles while Tim recorded 3:18:31 a pace of 7:34 minutes miles. And the icing on the cake was that Tim knocked 4 minutes off his PB while Justin bettered his by 3 minutes. As I said an incredible feat of running.