The Club holds a Beginners course in January each year and these have turned out to be very popular with most of the participants carrying on afterwards, usually joining the Club. In 2017 the course starts January 4th.

The courses consist of 8 sessions over successive Wednesday meeting at the Sailing Club at 7pm. The objective is that by the end of the course participants will be able to run two miles comfortably and so can then slot into the normal weekly run sessions.

To that end the coaches will be guided by a programme drawn up by BUPA to encourage people to get fit. This is designed to get people into the habit of exercising for half an hour at a time on a regular basis. It involves going out 3 times a week and after week 8 those who have stuck to the programme should be able to run for 5km. about 3 miles with no difficulty.

To see the BUPA programme click here

No fancy equipment is required, just a good pair of running shoes, and the cost is minimal – £10 for the 8 week course and to encourage you to continue we will throw in membership of the Club until the end of the current financial year at the end of March.

To encourage those further that go on and join the Club in April, on entering a race within the first year representing the Club you will be presented with a Club tee shirt, the “Mighty Green” free of charge to wear at it.

For more information please use the link to contact the Club.

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