Another record AGM for Sidmouth Running Club

Sidmouth Running Club had a record turn out for their AGM on Wednesday evening with members struggling to park their cars way ahead of the 7pm start. Is this because chairman Terry Bewes following Covid, has honed it down to a 5 minute affair in an outside space before the club run?  The running club members really appreciate the time Terry, treasurer Tim Clay, secretary Cheryl Boulton and the committee members put into the Mighty Green running machine!


With the business over with it was time to run and the club split into four with Sarah Watkins leading the 3 mile group, Alexa Baker leading the 4-5 mile group stepping in for Kyle Baker at the last minute as he had just injured himself sprinting with the 11+ group (was he being too competitive?!?), Clive Gilbert leading the 6 mile group and Ben Chesters leading the fast 6 mile group.

Sarah’s 3 mile group enjoying the view!

Without realising it three of the leaders took their groups via Natasha’s bench and took a group photo with the beautiful coastal view behind them.

Alexa’s 4-5 mile group enjoying the view!

Ben and his group were like deer popping out of the trees and undergrowth all over the place!

Clive’s 6 mile group enjoying the view!

It was a lovely venue for an AGM and run-here’s to another year of Mighty Green running!