Plym Trail Marathon

Mighty Greens Conquer Plym Trail Marathon

Sidmouth Running Club members Jane Hemsworth and Jo Earlam thoroughly enjoyed participating in their first marathon event in 15 months.

This was Jo’s 77th marathon and she said how great it was to run a proper marathon again. Jane described the event as very relaxed and low key with a maximum of 30 entrants.

Before the start

The ‘out and back twice’ route took the MG’s along the Plym Trail between Cledbrook and Coypool and whilst they felt the early morning chill (1o) at the start line, the sudden rise in temperature took them by surprise and as they crossed the finish line it was a very warm 15o!

Despite this they completed the 26.1 mile route in 5.06 hours and were rewarded with a very nice well deserved medal.

Jo + Jane with their medals