SW X-Country

Three MG’s Stormed The SWXC Championships
Kirsteen Welch, Kate Marriott and Toby Garrick competed in the South West X Country Championships near Yeovil on Sunday the 6th of January.
Kirsteen Welch had a fantastic race running at an average pace of 6.05 minute miles. She took this championship by the scruff and went for it, gaining a podium finish on two accounts. She was the third (bronze) senior woman and first Devon lady (gold for the county). Watch this space as she will be heading for the Nationals very soon.
Wearing his MG shirt and running with the Devon team was Toby Garrick. The conditions were good underfoot for the 5.6 mile route, however there were some deceptively steep hills. Toby did very well coming 21st out of 165 (which included senior men) and in 6th position in the U20. Toby has been training very hard, so he was happy with his performance (averaging a 5.38 min/mile). Also he was thrilled to be on the podium with the Devon team, which came 2nd overall. He is now looking forward to taking part in the nationals again.
 Kate Marriott who took part with the Devon team came in 49th over all and will also be taking part in the nationals.