Bicton Blister 2019

Sidmouth 10k

Sunday Running Is Back.

Tim Takes On The Haria Extreme 19.5k Race In Lanzarote.

Kirsteen’s Patagonian Quest.

Dark Woods

Jason and Tristan up Blackpool Tower

Woodbury 10k

Haldon Night Race 10km

Parkrun Update 19/10/2019

Recommended events and notices

  • Dates for the Diary.
    • The Four Trigs. Sunday 9th February.
    • JP’s Exe to Axe. Sunday 5th April.
  • Mighty Green Ambassadors. It is not too late to join the Mighty Green Ambassadors for 2019 as you can still enter all your events back to March.
    • Make an Entry. Here is where you enter all the events you have run or helped with, starting from March 2019.
    • Entries so far. All entries up until 30th November.

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    What is it all about? The aim is for all club members to represent SRC at least once every month by taking part in a running event or by representing SRC as a volunteer at a race or social event. Each event only counts once (different park runs are counted as different events) and although the aim is for one each month you only need to collect 10 over the 12 month period (2 months allowed for holidays or injury). However only one event per month counts towards the 10.

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