Sunday Training

Sunday Training
There were two Sunday training groups on Sunday, which both met up at the Mutters Moor carpark for a 9 o’clock start. A group of six led by Tim Mitchell took on the Hangover Route, so named by the Keast boys. It seems a mostly flat route…seems! It actually comes with 900ft of accumulated ascent, most of which is at the end. The route from the carpark goes to Four Elms Hill to Northmostown, Colaton, Otterton, (the hilly part started now). Over to Ladram where some of the coastal paths are used and then a bit of a circuit around Mutters Moor to get the distance above 10 miles and back to the carpark. It was a great morning for it and the rain and wind were avoided.
The more sociable run was led by Terry Bewes. Two dogs and eight runners took a more leisurely trek over eight miles, taking a very similar route but not doing an extra circuit of Mutters Moor. The group crossed paths with twins Karen and Christine Farnham en-route to Peak Hill. 
Both groups have successfully upped the mileage this week and are well on target for the distance events to come in the New Year.
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