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The Beginners Are Progressing Quickly

The Battle Of Woodbury Common.

The Sid Valley Ring

The Blackdown Beast 2020

SW Veterans Championship Race 2020.

Exeter Epic Trail 10K 25th January 2020

Winter Series 5k At Haldon Forest Park. 

Flying Fox’s Ninesprings By Night

A First Chance To Revisit For Laura Boughton.

2020 Beginners and Improvers

Upcoming Events and Notices


  • Mighty Green Ambassadors. Get your entries in for the 2019 Mighty Green Ambassadors.  We are getting ready for the AGM!  Prizes Prizes Prizes
    • Make an Entry. Here is where you enter all the events you have run or helped with, starting from March 2019.
    • Entries so far. All entries up until 28th January.
    • View the Might Green Gallery
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