Sidmouth Running Club Junior Section

The June/ July 8-12year olds FUNdementals of athletics was a huge success, with 25, 8-12year olds attending most of the 5 sessions.

The next course is now open for booking and is going to be run from the 22nd September – 20th October on a Sunday morning from 10am-11.15am in the Sidmouth College Gymnasium for the 8-12year old group.

We will also have a 12-14year old group that will concentrate more on running, and will meet at the Gym but then will go off on the field or the Byes (your child will have to be 12 or older as the leaders are not insured to take any younger).

Currently we can only have 24, 8-12year olds and 10, 12-14year olds so please contact us – using the contact form – if you child is interested and download and complete the application form if you were not at the last course, or if any information has changed. Payment details can be found on the application form.

Any questions please use the contact form.