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Becky’s Time Trials

Time Trial this Wednesday 7th June , Mutters Moor Car park, look forward to seeing you all,  please sign in as EARLY as possible to know your start time . I will be there from 6.30, First runner away at 7pm, please warm up until your allocated start time, aim to be on the start line in time (no later than 1 minute before your off). Results from the first two rounds (open in a new window)  for the short and long courses are available. If you didn’t run last month, it is not too late to take part.
The Time Trial is friendly competition, run on a level playing field for all abilities. The aim is to run faster than your steady pace (slower than your 10k pace but faster than your half marathon pace) to gain the lowest tally number at the finish line. The timings are not as important in the competition, however they are used as a guide to assign your personal handicap. Your handicap will be re assigned after each event as your times change. The overall objective is to finish the season by consistently collecting a lower tally number, whilst improving your pace. At the end of the season we will take your best four tally numbers and find our winners. Also other prizes will be presented to participants, not just the winning Trophies!!

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The Chairman’s Mighty Green on Holiday Challenge 2017

The Challenge is to wear the Mighty Green in as many locations as possible with a prize for the wearer in the most far flung corner of the world.

The Chairman’s Mighty Green Racing Challenge 2017

The Challenge is for wearing the Mighty Green while competing in an organised race the furthest away from SIDMOUTH.

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Bristol ITU

Sidmouth Running Club There has been lately a tradition of turning up at the wrong locations for the ...

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1 week ago

Terry Bewes

The Woodland Relays take place on Wednesday 28th June starting at 7:15pm in the Wheathill Plantation on Woodbury Common. Teams of 3 all female, male, mixed. It looks like each runner runs 4k. Sign in from 6:30. It would be good to get a few teams entered. Interested please reply to this post.
Thank you
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Sign me up Terry xx

Yep I'll run too.

Sadly I can't do Wednesdays...

I would like to do it. Sign me up please with Paul Wright and John Sharples. Thanks. Christie.

Well done you guys. One more required to join Kerry and Charlotte.

I will bring the entry forms and entry money for you tomorrow. No post code Grid Reference SY 041 850

I can join Kerry and Charlie, although I might bring their time down a bit

I'll run

Hi Debbie Marriott I have teamed you up with Christine and Karen Farnham I will drop the entry form and entry fee at you house and send details to Karen and Christine.Any probs let me know.

Thanks Terry

Can I collect a form from you on Monday please Terry Bewes couldn't make it tonight. Thanks

No problem Christie Ward

Hi Terry, another Sidmouth team to enter - me, Ben and Antony Hall.

I'm in Terry with David Holmes and Anthony Challice.

Fantastic support for the club. Thank you all. I will get the details out to you all.

Can I buy a vest at some point before the Wednesday race please Terry Bewes. Thanks Christie

We have none for sale at the moment so I will lend you one of mine. I will bring it on Monday


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6 hours ago

Jessica Raynor

Who's doing black down beauty? ... See MoreSee Less

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I know there's me, Helen, Terry, David Wright, think there are some others too.

Me too

could I get a lift with some please? xx

Yes Jess we will arrange one for you

21 hours ago

Anne Langworthy

Lovely run tonite. Only took the pic so we could have a break lol xx ... See MoreSee Less

Lovely run tonite. Only took the pic so we could have a break lol xx

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Can't see me, but I was definitely there. My legs attest to that!

2 days ago

Danny Painter

Well done Bethany Wells at Torbay 1/2 marathon today. completed in 2:19. knocking 13 mins off her previous half. ... See MoreSee Less

Well done Bethany Wells at Torbay 1/2 marathon today. completed in 2:19. knocking 13 mins off her previous half.

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Fantastic well done

Brilliant, well done Beth & yr coach xx

22 hours ago

Terry Bewes

BREAKING NEWS HOT OFF THE PRESS. Jessica Raynor beaten in a yummy mummy race.😭 ... See MoreSee Less

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Jenni Yeoman you have some explaining to do!!!! xx

1 day ago

Jenni Yeoman

We are one runner down for Wednesday evening, is there anyone who'd like to join us? Xx ... See MoreSee Less

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How many do we need? Xx

Jenni my 4K time isn't too bad . . . appreciate you may not want a slowbe, bear me in mind if you are desperate lol

Erm Julia Haddrell we absolutely want you please xxx

ok game on!!!

Sorry to let you down guys, the chicken pox is not much fun! Good luck! Xx

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1 day ago

Julia Haddrell

Will there be a shortish flatish run tonight? ... See MoreSee Less

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Not likely i am afraid Julia Haddrell unless John let's you know otherwise. Save it for Wednesday.

thanks for letting me know, I'm joining jenni and Laura for the Woodland relay, do I need to sort out an entry form/money?

No Julia Haddrell, Jenni Yeoman has the entry form and the club pays the entry fee. I will e-mail you the details

Thanks Terry Bewes

3 days ago

Tim Mitchell

Good luck to all the weekend's half marathoners. Nice cool conditions, save the effort for the second half. ... See MoreSee Less

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Bethany 's got a wetherspoons riding on a good result 😬

World class motivation

If it works it works

Thanks for the tip Tim. I may try the Weatherspoons trick too, every little helps! See you near the start Beth, 8.40ish for a photo.

Have a great run you two

It worked!

Well done, hope you enjoyed the run as much!

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3 days ago

David Skinner

Bit of a disaster at my Killerton parkrun today. After only just over 1k I went sprawling when my right ankle gave way. I limped to the finish but now my ankle is very swollen and sore and I must be doubtful for the Otter rail and River run. Not the first time one of my ankles has given way. Any tips on either strengthening ankles or any recommendations for ankle supports? ... See MoreSee Less

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oh dear that sounds painful, might be an idea to get it checked first

East Devon Physio are very good for assessment and advice that I have found spot on

ive been getting help from East Devon Physio for my knee, very helpful

East devon physio in seaton are the best around

East devon physio at Sidford good too

pmed you.

That is a tough one David Skinner. Make sure it is right before you start again or it will only get worse.

You need a proper 8 week rehab plan to get fully better as untreated sprain will re occur in 70% of people. Im a running specialist sports therapist in honiton. Pm me if you would like an appointment

Because it was so swollen and painful I ended up in h

Whoops, didn't mean to hit the send button! Anyway ended up at hospital and the verdict is sprained ligaments, so I'm now strapped up. Thank you for all your comments.

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5 days ago

Dirk Bander

This week (June 23rd), the Friday run will start from Salcombe Hill car park, Sidmouth, at 10am. As conditions are much fresher now, we might need to warm ourselves up with a coffeee at the Blue Ball after the run!
John Chesters.
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By the way, the extra e was for those that like a refill!

Sorry can't make tomorrow 🙁 not even for one coffee

Sorry can't make it tomorrow. Am volunteering in the kid's school. Next week, hopefully

Can't do tomorrow but will join you next Fri

Sorry again can't make it and am working next week but hope to join you all again soon

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5 days ago

Justin Ashby

Without wishing to lower the tone, last night's run on Woodbury Common was the sweatiest of the year. Big 'thank you' to Ben DevonOrienteer for being our personal guide and finding trails I'd never seen before. Big 'respect' to newcomers Toby and Chris who kept up with Jason Drew's formidable pace... ... See MoreSee Less

5 days ago

Monica Read

Mighty green getting hot in Corsica with Anna Read Hugo Taylor ... See MoreSee Less

Mighty green getting hot in Corsica with Anna Read Hugo Taylor

5 days ago

Lara Millmow

I missed you all last night! Hope it wasn't too hot for you. Hopefully will be fit for Monday! ... See MoreSee Less

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It was to hot but good

I meant to mention Lucinda Williams to you. Her recent releases have been excellent. Country blues, with superb guitar work!