Training sessions are led by our England Athletics experienced Coaches and Leaders.

The Club primarily trains on Monday and Wednesday evenings commencing at 7pm. Monday runs are between 4 and 5 miles where we all run together, Wednesday there are 2, 4 and 6 mile runs along with an advanced six mile session for experienced runners

No two sessions are the same as the individual leaders chose the course and content and have their own way of encouraging you.

The personalities and idiosyncrasies of the Coaches and Leaders form the basis of the club’s success

It is Club policy for faster runners in the session to circle back at certain points so that no runner feels isolated and always part of the group.

During the summer running is mainly off road at various locations around the valley and during the the winter mainly on road from the Sailing Club.

We encourage the wearing of Club tee shirts and vests at our training sessions and at all races. In the interest of safety Hi Viz, reflective vests and lights are required during the hours of darkness

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Mighty Green Ambassadors

What is it all about? The aim is for all club members to represent SRC at least once every month by taking part in a running event or by representing SRC as a volunteer at a race or social event. Each event only counts once (different park runs are counted as different events) and although the aim is for one each month you only need to collect 10 over the 12 month period (2 months allowed for holidays or injury). However only one event per month counts towards the 10.