The mighty green Junior running club Is back.

The mighty green Junior running club started back this Sunday with 14, 8-14 year olds taking part, 7 were boys and 7 were girls. This time, there were children from Tipton, Ottery St Mary as well as Sidmouth. writes Kerry Boyle. 

With the weather not so predictable this time of year, we all started in the Sidmouth College Gymnasium with a warm up, dynamic stretching and some running games looking at form, particularly their running arms.

We have been very lucky to recruit some more volunteers from the club to help take the groups so Claire Ashby (Assistant Couch) and Tim Dafforn (Leader in running fitness), took the older group out (12-14 year olds) who did a steady run followed by some endurance training. There were 8 youngsters who stayed in the gym with Kerry Boyle (Athletics Coach) and Jenny Jepperson (Leader in running fitness) they looked at learning how to jump as far as they could measuring their distance with a standing jump and seeing how many times the could do the speed bounce in 20 secs, they went on to learning how to do the pull throw which is the technique required to throw a javelin by using bean bags and howlers. Finishing off the session with a relay, warm down and stretches. Everyone had a great time.

The course runs for 5 weeks finishing on the 20th of October, but will return after half term on the 10th November. With more volunteers we have been able to increase the number of the groups so there are spaces still available for this course, please either visit the running club website: Sidmouth Running Club – Eat, Sleep, Run, Repeat  or email the coaches on juniors@

What Came Before? A Sting In The Tail, Or The Night Jar?

What Came Before was an eventful race for all who participated. Hills, stones, some mud and an angry bunch of wasps to dodge writes Hamish Spence.

The events were organised by Flying Fox Running and the routes took the competitors over the unique Pebblebed Heathland of Woodbury Common. 

Nikita Kay, a new SRC member of just two weeks, having done the couch to 5k using an app on her phone, decided to take on as her first race, the 5k What Came Before. That in its self was brave, but braver still was completing the route having been stung on her backside by an angry wasp! She was not alone in being stung, Suzi Rockey also received one on her butt. Alexa Baker had been given her ticket to this race by Kyle Baker as a Birthday present. She too received a sting to her rear end! David Skinner who has a habit of getting stung by wasps during races had his finger stung…you got away lightly David as your stinger was not a BumBiter! Kyle Baker led the MG’s around the route while Terry Bewes took a more defensive decision to run at the back of the competitors keeping well away from the pesky wasps.

Antony Hall took off right from the beginning of the What Came Before 10k race. He literally shot off leaving all behind him. He sustained his pace throughout the race and held the lead position all the way around. He took first place by over 4 minutes. Christine and Karen Farnham evaded the angry insects and ran the route together.

The 5 mile Night Jar competitors enjoyed being on a moonlight Heathland. Julia Haddrell managed to beat last years attempt by four minutes. Laura Broughton was really pleased to have knocked twelve minutes from her previous attempt and Bex MacDonald also gained a PB time. Kat Hall ran a respectable ‘middle of the field’ race. Dee Lawerence decided it was time to take the plunge and do an event. She chose running 5 miles in the dark and completed it in a very respectable hour. Terry Bewes also took part in the Night Jar in the Sweeper position and ran with Dee.

Tim Swarbrick took on the 10 miler and enjoyed it, so much so, that he took a wrong turning halfway around! He noticed that the competitors that were behind him had all taken a different route…and then the penny dropped! Fortunately he had not gone far off route and only lost a few places.


What Came Before 5k…Kyle Baker 6th, 25m58s. Suzi Rockey 18th, 31m31s. Nikita Kay 35th, 37m19s. David Skinner 40th, 39m31s. Alexa Baker 43rd, 41m39s. Terry Bewes 46th 43m59s.

What Came Before 10k…Antony Hall 1st Male, 1st MV40 in 43m38s. Christine Farnham 18th, 31m31s. Karen Farnham 26th, 1h00m05s.

Night Jar 5 miles…Kyle Baker 12th, 44m58s. Becky MacDonald 19th, 47m45s. Laura Broughton 29th, 51m05s. Kat Hall 35th, 53m29s.

Julia Haddrell 59th, 58m58s. Doreth (Dee) Lawrence 70th, 01h06m41s. Terry Bewes 71st, 01h06m42s.  

Adrian Goes Wild In The Extreme.

On Saturday the 14th of September, Adrian Horne took part in the Hospice Wild Tri Extreme on Dartmoor writes Hamish Spence. 

He completed a 32 km cycle ride on a route that skirts around the Meldon Reservoir and some steep ascents onto the wild tops of Dartmoor. After that, he ran a 13 km trail onto one of the highest Torrs of Dartmoor, a climb that Adrian completed a fortnight ago doing a marathon. However this time it involved crossing boggy terrain, a water course, rocks and more mud. Adrian was back and taking on Yes Torr again, but with a renewed enthusiasm to beat this brute. Beat it he did, coming in 17th over all, in a good time of 4h51m, raising £144.00 for Hospice Care while he was at it. 

A First  Marathon For Allan Kay 

A First  Marathon For Allan Kay 

Allan Kay took part in the Trail running challenge, Dartmoor marathon which was organised by Trail Events Co writes Hamish Spence. 

Allan, who is 46, took part in this, his first ever marathon and found it quite a tough race. However, as he is running the 2020 London Marathon for charity he wanted to push himself with his training program and see where his fitness level has got too. Allan really enjoyed the race up until mile 22, where he felt he started to struggle. However, he was not about to give up and he knew he would complete the route. He was really pleased with his time-keeping, although he didn’t have a set finish time in mind, his only goal was to finish it. Allan finished 21st out of 39 runners and 5th out of 9 in the vets category.

Featured image: Allan Kay during The Dartmoor Marathon 2019. Photo by @kb_pho_vid. 

Sidbury Fun Run.

The 21st Sidbury Fun Run, part of the Sidbury Fair Week, was held on a beautiful, very warm morning last Sunday writes Sarah Ginsberg. 

There were over 180 entrants, both runners and walkers, ranging in age from babies in buggies to grandparents, together with many of their four legged friends. Eight Mighty Greens took part; Naomi Garrick, Rachel Burrows, Michael Ginsberg, Sarah Ginsberg, Paula Farrand, Bert Dykema, Emma Grainger and Jenny Benattar. 

The Sidbury Fun Run is a surprisingly tough run although relatively short. It starts up hill, all the way to the top of Evergreen Hill, a mere 550 feet of climbing. Then follows an even longer uphill section of 596ft with a very welcomed downhill and cooler run through the woods. A short pass in-front of Sidbury Manor and on to the finish line at the Village Hall. Here, a delicious hog roast and cold beer was on offer, along with a fine pottery souvenir mug for all finishers. This was a great family event with a fabulous community atmosphere.

First Mighty Green home was Sarah Ginsberg (2nd Open Lady), followed by Naomi Garrick and Paula Farrand (2nd Local Lady).

cheque for £403 to Charlie’s Fund

Treasurer Tim Clay presents a cheque for £403 to Tim Swarbrick representing Charlie’s Fund. The money was raised by the 50 club members, seniors and juniors running as Charlie’s Angels in the Otter Rail and River race along with others members donations.

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£250 to the South West Coastal Path

The Sidmouth Running Club has generously donated £250 to the South West Coast Path Association for the second year running writes Becky Millington.

The club met on the stretch of Coast Path that overlooks Salcombe Regis valley and beach, carrying with them a giant cheque to mark the occasion. The club said they are making the donation to recognise the work the charity does in keeping their favourite running routes open,accessible, safe and in good condition.

The club, which was founded in 2003 caters for all running abilities and has a very friendly and social membership openly welcoming and encouraging new members to achieve their goals.


Tim Clay, Sidmouth Running Club Treasurer said, “The Sidmouth Running Club has 215 members and one of the reasons we are able to attract so many runners is the fact that we run in such stunning countryside and coast line. Core to this is the South West Coast Path, which we not only use frequently for training on, but it’s also the route we use for our massively successful Exe to the Axe race, which this year attracted nearly 300 runners from across the country. So as a club it is great for us to be able to put something back in to assist in the upkeep of the Path.”

With regular organised meet-ups on Mondays and Wednesdays in Spring and Summer on the Coast Path, the club takes full advantage of its unique views and elevation to motivate runners and improve their core strength and endurance.

Director of the South West Coast Path Association, Julian Graysaid, “We’re delighted to have the ongoing support of the Sidmouth Running Club and it’s fantastic that more and more people are getting out on the Path regularly to keep fit and test their endurance at races like the Exe to Axe.


“It’s also great to know that people understand the time, effort and money needed to maintain our National trails. We take the support from local communities and leverage with our wide stakeholder network to ensure every £ donated delivers much needed work on the ground to ensure the fantastic South West Coast Path remains for future generations.”


Whilst the Coast Path is free for everyone to use, it costs at least £1,000 per year for every mile of the 630-mile Path to keep it open, safe and clearly signed. There are many ways you can choose to give back to the Coast Path, by donating to one of the charity’s appeals like Step Up which aims to replace 1,000 steps on the Coast Path by next year. You can also join as a member or choose to fundraise by organising your own South West Coast Path Challenge. For more information, please visit or

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Otter Rail and River run

Otter Rail and River 10k 2019.

The Otter River and Rail 10k race was organised by Tipton St John Playing Field Association in conjunction with Sidmouth Running Club and was sponsored by Otter Brewery, Harrison-Lavers and Potbury’s and Michelmores Solicitors.

This year the Sidmouth Running Club as a whole supported the Charlie Gwillim fund raiser and ran as Charlie’s Angels. Charlie at 27 years of age was diagnosed with an incurable brain tumour and she is being looked after by her fiancé Rob, who is her full time carer. The SRC was working closely with her business Devon Embroidery, prior to her illness on some new ideas for club kit and she had spent a lot of time on its development.

Fifteen minutes before the start, a very lively warm-up session taken by Honiton Running Club’s Paula Ferris was enjoyed by the competitors. With many traditional warm up techniques put into a dance-like routine and all to music. This added to the jovial atmosphere of the day.

With warm, but cloudy weather and bone-dry conditions underfoot, this scenic off-road multi terrain10km race got underway at 11:00hrs sharp. Forty one SRC members took off from the village playing field of Tipton St John. The competitors ran around the edge of the cricket field, through the carpark and on down-stream along the River Otter to the village of Harpford. A well earned water stop with energy giving Jelly Babies awaited them on arrival. They then enter into Harpford Woods proceeding along a footpath until the old railway line. Here, the route takes a turn to the left and up a flight of steep steps back to Tipton along the old rail route. At Tipton village centre they turn right into a narrow footpath and through fields with a shot spell on the road to Fluxton. At Fluxton they head up hill and back to Tipton along the road. When back at the village it was a short run along the river and into the village playing field to be cheered enthusiastically over the finish line by Terry Bewes.

Results: Toby Garrick 35m19s coming 3rd overall and 1st SRC runner to cross the line. David King 52nd and 1st M65 in 49m14s. Katherine Hilton came 58th in 49m14s and taking the prize for 1st local Woman and 1st F45. Stuart Coles 66th in 51m12s. Naomi Garrick 70th, 51m36s. Sarah Ginsberg 71st, 51m37s. Tim Swarbrick came in 85th position in 53m43s beating Hamish Spence, who almost finished his race face down in the first field of wheat! Hamish managed to stay on track and crossed the line 87th in 54m04s. Allen Kay 98th, 54m54s. Christine and Karen Farnham left it to the last few yards to decide as to which one would take 100th place, even then it was a photo finish and Christine got it by a whisker in 55m24s. Karen Farnham had to be content with the knowledge that she was the 1st of the 100’s (101st) in 55m26s. Graham Sheppard 109th, 65m26s. Sarah Clapham 115th, 57m12s. Richard King 122nd, 58m13. Michael Ginsberg123rd, 58m14s. David Millen told me that he would be taking it easy during the race, that would wouldn’t be breaking any records. This lasted all of about 100 yards, when David’s more competitive stride took ahold and carried him into126th place in 58m31s. Shaun Tipton 131st, 59m18 making him the last Mighty Green to beat the 1 hour point. Colin Flood 136th, 1h01m22s. Becky McDonald 141st, 1h01m44s. Paula Farrand 156th, 1h03m00. Jane Hemsworth 143rd, 1h01m50s. Jennifer Bentley heard as she rounded the last corner before the sprint to the finish line, a fellow SRC member calling out, “Come on Bert, you can catch Jenny”! Jenny crossed the line in160th place in 1h03m14s, just ahead of a puffed-out Bert Dykema who really tried to catch JB but took 163rd place in 1h03m18s. Carolyn Sinclair 171st, 1h04m06s. Bridget McEleney-Smith 176th, 1h04m40s. Kat Hall 179th, 1h05m21s. Dave Wright 182nd, 1h05m43s. Lesley Hook 184th, 1h06m11s. Jason Chipps, 209th, 1h10m34s. Bruce Odlin 214th, 1h11m23s. Emma Grainger 219th, 1h12m35s. Julia Hadrrell 228th, 1h13m58s. Sue Cunningham 229th, 1h14m06s giving her the 1st in the F70 category. Jon Ball 238th and Caroline Ball 239th, both crossed the line in1h17m34s. Not far behind Jon and Carolyn were Tania Puddicombe 239th and Sarah Burston 240th, both managed a last minute burst of energy and sprinted over the line, TP in 1h17m45s and SB in 1h17m46s. Ann Cole 252nd ran with Doreth Lawrence 253rd both arriving back together in 1h23m28s with Tristan Chipps 256th in 1h27m56s.

The Jackie Box Fun Run.

   Taking part or helping out in the Tipton Jackie Box Fun Run on Saturday were 8 juniors all of which were proudly wearing the Mighty Green writes Kerry Boyle.

Three had participated in the recent FUNdementals in athletics course who were Elsie Wiltshire, Seth Lancaster and Dominic Hall, the 5 others all have parents or siblings who are Sidmouth running club members. The more experienced of the group started off steadily, knowing that it was a mile and not to sprint off too fast across the playing fields at Tipton. The next part along the river was harder to negotiate through the cow field and rabbit holes, but despite a few trips and ankle twists they picked themselves up and all completed the run back along the old train track to the Tipton playing fields. All of the children received a medal and a large sugary snake for their fantastic efforts! Elsie Wiltshire a local from Tipton received a haul of medals winning first girl in her age group (under 10’s) and first local girl. Fraser Felton-Smith also wearing the mighty green was first Tipton boy and also finished first in his age group (under 12’s). Oscar Burston was 2nd in the under 10’s followed by Seth Lancaster who was 5th in the same age group. Also completing the race for Sidmouth was Georgia Felton-Smith, Jake Burston and William Hall. Congratulations to all, you did yourselves and Sidmouth running club proud!

Juniors medal presentation

report to follow.
A very big thumbs up to all our juniors!

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