Parkrun #100

A Tale Of One Hundred Park Runs
   A massive well done and round of applause for David Skinner, who on Saturday the 16th of March, returned to his local and favourite venue Killerton Park to do a landmark Parkrun. He turned up suitably attired in SRC colours with some extras for good measure and completed his 100th Parkrun. 
   Also on Saturday, the Mighty Green Parkrun Group met at The Quay for the Exeter Riverside event. Chris Day-Kerry was not running as he has an injury, but turned out to help marshal along the course and a six month pregnant Jess Daer ran the course.
Results: Jack Saunders 21m33s, Greg Ward 23m53s, Rob Edwards 23m55s, Sarah Clapham 25m39s, Karen Farnham 26m27s, Christine Farnham 26m28s, John Sharples 26m29s, Jessica Daer 34m51s.

Haldon Forest

David Skinner at Haldon Hill
David Skinner tried a different parkrun today, an undulating route in Haldon Forest. He passed through the finish in 136/168 in 34m36s. He said “You get lulled into a false sense of security by the gentle start and then the narrow steep climb hits you! On the second lap you think, oh good we don’t do that climb this time round, only to be met with a different steep climb! This was David’s 99th parkrun. Will he do his 100th next week?


Magnificent 7

Week 5 into the Beginners Course and the Magnificent 7 complete the 3 mile test run.

This was a great team run, keeping together, helping and encouraging each other, all at a steady pace of 11 minute a mile. That is until they got to the Esplanade for the final run to the flagpole when they all lined up together, picked up the pace to 10 minute miles and finished in style.

That’s the way to do it. Who’s next?

Congratulations to Beccy Johnson, Louise Dunford, Kerry Agar, Paul Williamson, Carol Hounsell, Jenni Yeoman and Danielle Downey.