Sidmouth Running Club Committee Members

Club Ambassador

Jo Pavey MBE


Membership Secretary

Terry Bewes

Vice Chair

Sarah Watkins


Tim Clay


Jo Earlam

Press Officer

Hamish Spence

Social Secretary

Naomi Garrick

Head Coach

Tim Mitchell

Junior Coach

Kerry Boyle

Web Administrator

Rob Edwards

Assistant Web Editor

Els Laureys

Reportable Accident Recorder

Charlotte Forrer

Committee Member

Paul Mitchell

Sidmouth Running Club Officers: Non-Committee

Club Kit

Jane Hemsworth

IT Consultant

Kaylee Hawkins

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Current post holders will be invited to declare their interest in continuing in post at the Nov committee meeting. Notice will be sent to members each Dec requesting that any new expressions of interest for posts are sent to the secretary by 31st Jan. The committee will then endeavour to accommodate everyone’s preferences for posts at the committee meeting prior to the AGM. If there remain multiple applicants for a post then the successful applicant will be elected by members’ votes at the AGM. No nominations will be taken from the floor at the AGM.

The Committee (14 members including those positions marked with a * below).

Overarching role: To set the strategic & operational goals for the club and to make sure the club meets these goals


The Chair

Overarching role:  To lead the club’s Committee and to act as an ambassador.

◦ Ensure the club’s Committee is effective in fulfilling its role and responsibilities on behalf of the club
◦ Chair Committee meetings and the AGM
◦ Act as a spokesperson for the club and Committee
◦ Present prizes and speak at club events
◦ Present the Pre run chat each week :Welcome newcomers/new members/guests, introduce coach and make limited important announcements
◦ Have an active presence on the club website and Facebook pages

The chair should be supported in their role by a vice chair who will normally succeed the chair after a three year period to ensure smooth succession planning

Membership Secretary

Overarching role: To ensure that all runners with the club are paid up members


The Treasurer

Overarching role: To manage the club’s finances

• Maintain the club’s books and accounts and present at committee meetings
• Issue invoices and payments
• Bank payments and track BAC transfers
• Maintain the club’s bank accounts
• Produce annual accounts following the club’s year-end (31 Dec) and present at AGM
• Liaise with the club’s auditor

The Secretary

Overarching role: To ensure effective communication within the committee and between the committee and the members.

• Act as a point of contact for club correspondence
• Register the club with England Athletics and act as point of contact
• Raise EA invoices and submit to Treasurer for payment
• Bring club correspondence to the attention of the committee
• Issue notice of the AGM
• Take minutes at committee meetings and AGM
• Distribute minutes from committee meetings and AGM

Communications- press officer

Overarching: To maintain a high, positive image of the club in local press.

◦ Produce regular articles for the website and local press to advertise events and members achievements
◦ Advertise club runs in national magazines where appropriate

Social secretary

Overarching: To arrange and promote club social events

• To coordinate any club social activities

​​​​​​​Head Coach

Overarching: ensure that the club benefits from effective coaching

• Head up the Coaching team and ensure that the club has sufficient coaches and run leaders for all standards
• Approve applications for run leader and coach applications
• To chair regular coach’s meetings (min 3 times a year)
• Encourage a consistent approach to risk assessment and safety
• Design programmes for beginners and other target groups

Junior Coach

Overarching: ensure that the junior members of the club benefit from effective coaching


Web Administrator

Overarching: To ensure that the website supports the overall goals of the club and individual committee members in fulfilling their roles.

◦ Maintain the structure of the website so that members and applicants can easily find information about the club and its activities
◦ Ensure that the club complies with data protection legislation regarding personal information held on the website
◦ Monitor usage of the website and periodically present this to the committee
◦ Train a deputy to ensure succession planning for this vital role

NB The Web administer should have a deputy to assist in these duties

Kit Officer

• To sell club kit to members
• To keep an up to date list of stock and identify when further orders need to be made
• To transfer kit payments to treasurer