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  • Who will it be????? – It’s a mystery.
  • Mighty Green Ambassadors.
    We’re 4 months in which means a third of the year already has flown by. We still have 20 mighty green ambassadors flying the colours and I’m sure there’s a few more out there who just haven’t got round to recording their efforts yet….it’s easy to do, and a lot less effort than the runs themselves!
    There was a great variety in events in July; the Otter Rail and River run was very popular and we had Jane’s triathlon (of course it counts), Race for Life entries, and the usual Park runs including Bedford thanks to Julia.
    Keep your entries coming in – lots of tempting events on our webpage under the “find a race” section of the “What’s On” tab.
    What is it all about? The aim is for all club members to represent SRC at least once every month by taking part in a running event or by representing SRC as a volunteer at a race or social event. Each event only counts once (different park runs are counted as different events) and although the aim is for one each month you only need to collect 10 over the 12 month period (2 months allowed for holidays or injury). However only one event per month counts towards the 10. To make an entry click here. It is not too late to get in your entries for previous months. The entries up until 1st August can be found here.

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